How To Be Funny Without Going Overboard

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Life seems to be complicated enough in its own. No matter what life throws at you, it is completely on your part to make every situation pleasant and fun. Though it might appear to be difficult in times of adversity, a light sense of humour can go a long way to ward off mental stress. In fact, it is more than important to take things lightly. Otherwise, the trying days in life can drag you down to a feeling of bitterness and self-pity. Given that life is too short to cry over split milk, you cannot afford to stall your life. Rather, use humour to make the best out of every situation.

These might sound too clichéd to you. However, there is one thing that you cannot deny. Just like you, millions of people are subjected to trivial, as well as major challenge. Nevertheless, how they respond to the hitches makes all the differences in their lives. Sometimes, tackling everything with a sense of humour might do the trick.

Being Funny Irrespective Of Your Situation

Now what should you do if you are not-that-funny-a-person, yet want to keep all smiling? There are three rules of thumb for you to consider in such situations:

· Remember that you need not to be everything to everyone

· Do not feel down if you fail to someone smile

· Understand that it takes some time to be really funny

You can begin by attempting to change your perspective towards the world. There is a funny side to everything that goes around. You just need to search them for your own sake. In case this appears to be too tough for you, then begin by taking things a bit more lightly than what you used to do before.

Being Reasonably Humorous

Becoming funny does not mean that you need to become irrelevant, as well. You might have come across people who have a habit of cracking irrelevant jokes in the midst of a conversation. This will either evoke a mild laughter, or the entire effort will simply fall flat! Hence, it is important to ensure that your jokes and wits comply with the occasion or conversation. If you have rehearsed a funny story, then wait till you get a fitting point of insertion.

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You can also start making funny, witty and humorous conversation by sharing your own experiences. For example, think of an antique piece in your home that has an interesting back story. The thing is that, you have to think of situations that makes a difference in your conversation.

Being Funny At Work

You need not to become a stand-up comedian overnight to become funnier. However, try to infuse an undertone of fun to everything you do. Such as, search for free funny ecards online for some eccentric graphics that make even the grumpiest of all lightly chuckle! Be it someone’s birthday, or anniversary, or just a brand new day, you can find some very nice things to have your near and dear ones grin ear to ear.

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In fact, funny cards become a real keeper for those having a hard time at work. You can find an array of humorous cards that can create the magic of a positive take on the troubles of working.

Being Supportive To A Local Comic Club

If you really struggle to become funny, then you can draw some inspirations from artists. Visit and give your encouragements to the live comedians living nearby. Observe their mannerisms and see in the ways they differ. Would you believe that divas like Dane Cook, Louis CK and Carrot Top all started off in the same profession?