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Surprise Your Love with Romantic eCards

Did you ever imagine that true love can be this magical until you fell head over heels? Did you ever think that the very presence of that special person can light up your life in such a way? Love is, indeed a spellbound experience. Perhaps, this is because it is one of the very few emotions in the planet that brings happiness, even when giving something away.

True passion is a happy, blessed feeling that fills up your heart with a harbinger of positivity, driving you mad to make all efforts to please the special one, superseding your own priorities.

You can consider the following romantic ideas to gain the awe of your sweetheart. And you know what? Most of these ideas can render you with some truly rewarding moments; but they won’t create a dent in your pocket.

#1: Keep It Simple

The happy summer days are here and why not take the opportunity to take him or her for a walk, visit a lake and feeding ducks. If you love being outside, then make sure that you carry a light blanket, so that you can lie under the stars. Feel the magic, especially if it’s a full moon day! Enjoy the endless conversation, the smell of fresh air and the tiny gust of chilly wind. Snuggle and smile to create the magic.

#2: Rub-a-dub

You might have moved in together to spend more quality time. However, if your tiring schedule prevents you from getting the most from your relationship, then it’s time to give some comforting time to each other after a hard day’s work. Try giving each other a relaxing foot massage and/ or a gentle backrub. If you manage some spare hours on a weekend, then you can also visit a local spa for a relaxing, sensuous massage.

#3: Surprise!

Surprise the special other every now and then. This can come in any form, ranging from a love-anniversary celebration or a surprise party. You can also allow your sweetheart some extra hours of relaxation by managing the chores or preparing the breakfast on a weekend morning.

#4: Message

Gone are the days when they used to send love letters; and gone are the days when you used to send those short and sweet messages (we used to send SMS, remember?). But you know what; the good old text messages can be an excellent way to stay connected. You can even consider sending romantic ecards , most of them come for free. Send one every day, at least for a particular stretch of time. Send through e-mails, or make some wall posts on FaceBook. Sometimes, there is no harm in indulging in a Public Display of Affection! The idea is to, make him fall for you over and over again, or make her go pink and blush everyday!

#5: Picnic

It is going to be between you and the special other only. Step out this summer, light up a tiki torch or make fire in a pit. Play some light music inside your home, turning the volume high so that you can listen to it from outside. You can also decorate your patio or deck with some wild flowers and prepare a paleo meal together.

#6: Communicate

Talk to each other a lot, especially when you:

· Enjoy the dinner wine

· Walk holding hands

· Discuss just about everything in the morning

#7: Try All Of Them

You know that variety is the true spice of life. So do not stick to one single way of romance. It is essential to come out of your comfort zone. Never think twice to try something new with your beloved. Have fun and keep your relationship go stronger than ever!