(This is not a paid promotion, I was so deeply moved by my experience in the London Real Business Accelerator that I needed to share it with others)

When I think about my journey of self discovery, I liken it to a never-ending opportunity to update my internal software. As I grow and evolve, I discover new tools that allow me to operate from a higher level of consciousness in life. With each lesson I become more deeply connected to my true essence — I call it my soul.

While the path of self-discovery is deeply personal we need teachers to help us along the way. Guides that can coax us out of the comfort of our current reality into the uncertainty and excitement of a new, higher level of expression. They are people who have already successfully blazed the trail we are seeking and can save us some time by sharing their insights.

One of the most unexpected teachers for me has been The London Real Business Accelerator Course — and if you had told me 8 weeks ago that an online course would change my life I never would have believed you.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been asking HUGE questions.

How can I make the most of this thing called life?

Why are we here?

Where does true happiness live?

In my exploration, I realize on a daily basis how little I really know.

But one thing that has remained pretty consistent and that is my belief that part of living our truest and fullest life involves presence in every moment. And do you know when it’s easiest to be present in the moment? When you are LOVING what you are doing. When you are passionate about what you are creating or sharing.

Which brings me to the topic of PURPOSE.

I believe everyone has a purpose.

I believe that following your passion is directly linked to expressing you truest potential in life, which is directly linked to your happiness.


I’ve always been passionate about finding my “purpose.” What am I here to do? How do I fulfill the truest and highest expression of myself?

I knew I was passionate about self discovery and making the most out of life so to satiate that curiosity I became a storyteller. This way I had an excuse to question, prod, uncover and discover how other people were making sense of this “thing called life.”

In my free time I was continuing my deep spiritual dive — reading countless self-help books, experimenting with different types of meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices. I journaled extensively and learned to observe my emotions and thoughts rather than accept them as who I am. I got certified as a yoga teacher. I took workshops and went on retreats. My husband and I even enrolled in a 3-year program studying integrative body psychotherapy to get a better understanding of who we truly are.

It was (and still is) my greatest passion. My favorite thing to talk about. My favorite thing to learn about. It is what excites me most. (major clue here)

As a storyteller I’ve gotten to create films for FOX, ESPN, National Geographic, Reebok, and many others. I’ve been given so many amazing opportunities and it’s been exciting. I was even nominated for an Emmy. And it felt like it was my purpose for a while.


I think the expression of our purpose evolves over time and has different chapters and manifestations, each a valuable step in the journey. For this reason — it is VITAL to constantly be taking inventory and checking in with yourself.

What am I passionate about?

What is most important to me?

What do I want to create more of in my life and are my actions in alignment with that?

(These answers will probably change, so keep checking in)

And life provides SO many clues to guide us and show us where to go -the real craft is getting still enough to listen.

My clue that I needed to express a different part of myself was — what had once been so exciting, had shifted. I still wanted to create films but my energy, enthusiasm and excitement was just BEGGING for me to also share my passion for self-discovery with others.

So I took my love of storytelling and my passion for personal development and created The Daily Cordial podcast where I interview leaders in the field of personal development. This filled me up in a way that nothing else has. It revealed to me a deeper, more authentic expression of myself. A self I had longed to express.

I was having the deep, meaningful conversations that I loved. Listeners felt moved and inspired by the content — I was actually helping people! The only problem was I was doing it all for free and hadn’t figured out how to make a sustainable living from this work.

But what had became undeniable to me was that I needed to nurture this expression of myself. It just FELT right. What I DIDN’T know was how to generate income from this passion. It felt overwhelming and out of reach. And two huge things were holding me back — FEAR and INACTION.


This is where the Business Accelerator course came into the picture. I had been doing my podcast for over a year while continuing my job as a filmmaker. I was a fan of Brian Rose’s show London Real and my husband emailed me a link to the Business Accelerator Course.

At first, I thought, no way. I don’t have time. It’s a lot of money. Blah blah blah all the excuses that keep us exactly where we are and prevent growth. Luckily, my husband really pushed me and said “you’re ready to take this to the next level.” And so I took the plunge and I can say without wavering — it has been one of the greatest decisions of my life.

When I started the course I knew I wanted to share the tools I have used to transform my life, and the methods I have used to reconnect with myself but I didn’t know exactly what that would look like. 8-weeks later I have a fully functioning business called “School Your Soul” and have made a good amount of sales in just a few days of being open for business.

Here’s what made this course such a life-changing for me:


The biggest surprise, and what ended up being my favorite part of the course, was the element of community. When you sign up for this course you get the support of not only Brian and your team leaders but also everyone else who is taking the course. To go through the daily trials and tribulations of starting a business with over 100 other people who are doing the same thing has PROFOUND effects. As is true in life, you realize you are NEVER alone in your struggles. Your problems aren’t as you unique as you may think! We are all susceptible to the same self-sabotaging patterns and have vulnerability in putting ourselves out there in a new way. When you see others pushing through you are reminded you are capable of doing the same and there was always someone available to provide insight or support. For me, it really eliminated the fear factor of putting myself out there because we were all enduring the discomfort together.


I had unknowingly been lying to myself. I would tell myself I was going to do something and not follow through. And I don’t think I realized how much pain I was creating for myself by not following through. I was so sick of THINKING about all that I wanted to do. I KNEW I was capable of more but I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know HOW to get to where I wanted to go. This course was the answer.

I’m the queen of taking too long to do something, paralyzed by perfectionism. I was forced out of that habit in this course. This crutch or block was obliterated by the tight schedule and the “just do it” attitude.

Each week you make significant progress and realize how much you can truly accomplish in a short period of time. In my head I had made each step sound harder than it truly was. But when forced to get so much done each week you realize how good it feels to make progress even when it’s not perfect.

This course showed me what I am capable of if I just continue to take ACTION. And to take action means forfeiting perfectionism. It means deciding that it’s way better to show up with something and fail than it is try and perfect something that the world will never see.

To say that it feels UNBELIEVABLE to take action and take control of my life is an understatement. I feel empowered and I feel seen and heard in a whole new way.


When you’re learning something new consistency is of vital importance. We are wired to do whatever it is we do most frequently. So we will automatically default to our regular patterns if we are not aware of the mental, emotional and even physical resistance that can occur with change.

Has anyone ever told you that? Because it’s important.

It takes consistently acting from a place of discomfort to create change. This can be a difficult process and if you’re not aware of the “resistance” that is coming up you will mistakenly believe it to be true.

It’s much easier to overcome the resistance when you have support. This was a constant mantra throughout the course to not give into “the resistance.” When excuses came up — which they inevitably do for all of us — people call you out on it. You can’t slink away into your old patterns of inaction.


Another thing I learned through this course is that I had been unknowingly hiding. Hiding from letting myself, in my entirety, be seen and heard. In my life as a filmmaker I was hiding behind other people’s story. Even in my podcast, I was hiding behind interviews and even the audio, never to be physically seen. There was seemingly less risk involved doing it this way.

However, the opposite is true. If we don’t put ourselves out there, we will never be truly seen and heard. And yes there is risk in this but there is so much more risk involved in hiding and never letting anyone every see or know you.

Through the infamous “10 vlogs in 10 days” and giving a webinar I was forced into the discomfort of broadcasting myself and my passions to the world. I just knew this was an obstacle I had to overcome. And the more I put myself out there, the less uncomfortable it felt.

Actually the amount of discomfort I felt initially was equally matched or surpassed by the amount of satisfaction and fulfillment I felt from sharing my deepest passion with the world. I was finally sharing the highest expression of myself. And I feel more authentically seen and heard than EVER before! Who knew an online course could do this — I certainly didn’t!


As a documentary filmmaker and podcast host I’ve gotten to share the stories of inspirational people from all over the world. And after conducting hundreds of interviews — from Syrian refugees to NBA superstars to spiritual gurus — everyone seems to have one thing in common. We all have a deep desire to connect to ourselves and others in a meaningful way — to be seen and heard — to lead a fulfilling life. It is at the root of all we do yet sometimes we don’t know how to achieve it.

What’s become abundantly clear is — this is part of my purpose. This is part of the reason I am on this planet — to help people in their journey of life. To share my experiences, to help others break through the barriers that are preventing them for expressing their truest self, to teach people how to bring more joy and abundance into their lives, to remind people that they are not alone on this journey, to explore the miraculousness that is life …THAT’S WHY I’M HERE. And this course helped me finally stop making excuses and start showing up for myself. You can’t put a price tag on that.

I will be forever grateful to my husband for believing in me and to Brian Rose and the entire Business Accelerator Community for helping me discover and share my purpose. My life is changed forever.