I have made these videos to pass on some of the strategies that I have used to create a 7 figure, multiple-award winning business in less than 2 years as a result of being inundated with requests for my coaching which has created a pretty long waiting list.

For the price of a phone bill, (LESS than what most coaches charge for just ONE HOUR of their time) I share 18 tips that could save you and make you thousands of dollars.

This brand new video series is designed to transform your business experience in just 18 days!

These practical, ‘HOW TO’ videos provide up-to-date tips, tricks and strategies to get in front of your customers, get more leads, position yourself as an authority in your marketplace, put a tonne of your daily tasks on autopilot and massively increase your productivity whilst actually doing LESS and saving money!

These tips show you how to turn some of your most mundane daily tasks into modern customer conversion or productivity strategies and put a tonne of your work on autopilot using the simplest, free and easy to use online tools; as well as tried and tested methods of winning more credibility and more work!

The developer and presenter of this training series, Sarah Cordiner, has been in business for over 10 years in three different countries and is has won multiple awards for her successful business endeavours.

What she has to share in this series are some of the daily strategies she has used to create a multi-million dollar business single-handedly…. and is WAY more than you’ll ever get from most business coaches…

If you implement the strategies and use the tools presented consistently, you could save thousands of dollars in time, make thousands of dollars in sales and change your whole business life by having much more freedom and less expenses.

You will get sent 18 short tutorial videos on the following topics:

#1 How To Get More Customers & Fans From Facebook — Without Paying A Thing!

#2 How To Grow Your Audience On Twitter & Instagram Using This Amazing (free and easy) Tool

#3 How To Dramatically Increase Your Social Media Engagement & Post Amazing Content — While You’re Sleeping

#4 How To Get More Customers By Getting In front Of Them In Real Life!

#5 How To Build Relationships & Save Time Using This Little Known Facebook Trick

#6 How To Hire A Team Of Your Own — Without Having The Budget To Pay Wages

#7 How To Find Out What People Are Saying About You On The Internet

#8 How To Sell Your Electronic Documents And IP

#9 How To Put Your Business On Autopilot!

#10 How To Increase Your LinkedIn Connections

#11 How To Get More Paid Public Speaking Gigs

#12 How To Instantly ‘LinkedIn Connect’ With Your Email Contacts

#13 How To Get free PR, Guest Articles and Published In Books

#14 How To Score Massive Government Contracts

#15 How To Get Organised With This Amazing Visual To-Do List

#16 How To Dramatically Increase How Much You Get Noticed On Twitter

#17 How To Get Seen, Heard, Respected and Followed By Your Target Audience

#18 How To Automate Your Bookings and Meetings With Clients

The average business coach in Australia charges $250 an hour and often just provides information instead of useful strategies.

For less than the price of two coaching sessions (or the average monthly phone bill), you’ll get 18 practical methodologies for you to immediately implement and start getting more by doing less!

You can’t afford not to miss out on this!

The full price of this video series is $497 BUT…. as a launch special, the first 100 people ONLY can get these tips for JUST $197 !!!

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As soon as we hit the first 100, this video series will go up to it’s full bargain price.

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Can’t wait to hear your successes!

Sarah X

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