Are You REALLY An Expert? 8 Principles Of Expertise

It never ceases to amaze me how many entrepreneurs I speak to who are dreaming of making a positive difference to the world, but never seem to get off of the starting line in making it happen.

When I ask them why they havn’t done anything substantial to get their message out there yet, I very often get the same list of replies:

“Well, I still have a lot of research to do”, “There are so many people out there already doing it that I havn’t quite come with anything special or different enough to stand out yet”, or “I need to wait until I’m seen as an expert before I go out there and start acting like one”…

These are the exact same things I used to tell myself, and as a result, I wasted YEARS of helping others and living the life of my dreams.

You see, it’s actually the most intelligent people that doubt themselves the most. For their intelligence, knowledge and insight has allowed them the wisdom that there is actually SO much more that they don’t yet know. And so they focus on the limitations of their knowledge instead of their already existing abundance of it.

You are an expert.

So many highly experienced, talented, skilled and knowledgeable professionals and entrepreneurs never get themselves ‘out there’ or helping the world, because of the feeling of ‘fraud’ that they carry around with them. It’s like the word ‘expert’ comes engraved onto a 20-tonne medallion that we have to carry around with us to ‘prove’ that it’s true.

It scares people, and as a result, there are so many entrepreneurs out there who are not making enough money, working endlessly hard yet getting nowhere and have so much to give to their market but are getting drowned out by all the noise and overwhelm of competing with those they deem as ‘better’ than them.

But you don’t need to compete. When you accept the fact that you ARE an expert, all you need to do is tell people what you know. Teach them how they can know it and do it too. That’s it!

Here are 8 ways that you can start moving from a self-doubter, to an expert difference-maker:

1. Remember that you DO have a message. You already know SO much and this knowledge you have is invaluable to others; it has the power to transform lives, businesses and industries — as well as your own business and bottom line; if only you’d just unleash it!!

2. Be aware that downloading your knowledge from your brain, and sharing with others is THE highest converting method of building a strong and viable business.

Sarah Cordiner calls this ‘edupreneurship’; educating, in a commercially profitable manner. It’s business, where everyone’s a winner.

3. Make the most of what you do have NOW — you can share what else you learn later on. Don’t think you have to wait until you have the perfect recipe, or have attained ALL of the knowledge on planet earth in your topic. First of all, not only is that entirely impossible, you couldn’t share it all in one blog post, workshop or tutorial video anyway. Just go with what you’ve already got, as it’s more than some people have.

4. Ask yourself whether you got to where you are in your life today, having not learnt ANYTHING? Of course you have. Start by listing 100 things that you think other people should know. Whatever comes to you head. It could be something you discovered yourself in practice; something you read about or saw on TV; it could be something you heard someone else talk about — anything; personal and/or professional.

5. Break your knowledge down into micro topics and share it in multiple forms (blogs, videos, articles, audios, webinars etc) piece by piece. If you missed something out, or learn something new about that topic later, then do a new or updated post.

6. Know that you don’t have to be a globally proclaimed celebrity authority expert in something to have value, information and worthiness to give, share and help others with. You simply have to share information about what you DO know how to do, to someone who doesn’t yet know how to do that.

With 7.2 billion people in the world, your chances of finding a few are pretty high.

7. Regularly remind yourself that you’ve learnt a lot in your life. Probably most through your mishaps and the times things have gone wrong. There are a ton of people out there that are yet to make those mistakes, or trip on those mishaps and are yet to learn the things you have learned, whether you learned them formally or through experience. You are doing a selfish disservice to those people if you don’t share your lessons with others.

8. Attain a sense of responsibility that it’s your job and your purpose in the world, to help people that don’t know it yet to know it; and to help them use that knowledge to make their lives and their businesses better.

Be the edupreneur — make positive change — profitably!

Educating and informing others in your industry topic automatically positions you as the good guy, the helper, the GURU in what you do.

Disseminating helpful information makes people love you, like you, want more from you, become grateful to you — AND want to pay you for more.

Everyone has a message. Everyone has some kind of expertise within them.

We all have a degree of knowledge and skills that can be shared to make us the authority in our field; to make a hell of a lot more money and to make a big impact on our markets.

All we have to do is see our own expertise as a valuable and saleable resource that is needed by others.

Happy ‘Edupreneuring’!

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