‘Cheap’ Online Courses: Are they ‘bad quality’ and should you bother selling your online courses when they go so cheap??

There are lots of online learning platforms out there and they all have their pros and cons.

If you’re an instructor, there is a huge amount of money to be made, but mostly from sheer high volume of sales as platforms like Udemy have discovered that their customers buy more when the courses are cheaper.

So I encourage instructors to re-purpose their content to give the best quality and valuable content they can, whilst being aware of the fact that it will sell for less. 
So if for example, you normally sell a course for $500, DON’T make a ‘crappy/cheap’ version — this will just damage your reputation.

Instead, break it down into 10 (excellent) modules for $49 each so that it works in favor of the platforms strengths (and your bank balances’!) But you also still end up getting the same price for your courses AND great reviews.

You also get the opportunity to sell more — more people are likely to spend $49 lots of times, than spend one lot of $500; it’s just psychology.

You also get exposed to your clients 10 times, instead of one time, and we all know repetition is gold for instilling and reaffirming the customer ‘like, know, trust’ thing.

There are less overheads selling on a platform like this (eg no travel expenses, venue hire, no server costs, no subscription fees and no ‘time for money’ exchanges which always put up the price of face to face training etc).

Sales are also made ‘en mass’ due to the fact that platforms like Udemy promote your courses for you to millions of people.

All of this means that instructors can reduce their fees massively, without compromising quality of content in any way.

So if you’re a student, cheap does not mean bad; and if you’re an instructor, cheap does not mean poor ROI.

Here’s a video I did to explain a little more: http://buff.ly/1k0QStp

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