The Fundamental Principles Behind Effective Adult Learning Programs — New Book!

“Effective adult education, in any context, derives from a thoroughly planned curriculum”.

Teachers, trainers, educators, thought leaders, learning and development managers, training organisations, educational institutions, coaches and corporates that run internal training; are all ideally positioned to influence the learning cycle.

Get it wrong, and you risk ruining potentially magnificent and successful futures.

Get it right, and you will create a butterfly effect of success stories and wonder in every life you touch.

In my new book ‘Understanding The Adult Learner: The Fundamental Principles Behind Effective Adult Learning Programs’, we explore the pros and cons of some of the theoretical concepts of adult learning in a bid to better understand the adult learner, their needs and whether there are better ways that we can facilitate for positive transformation in our adult learning interventions.

Understanding the fundamental aspects of adult learning presented in this book, is vital for informing the planning and development of your effective teaching and learning initiatives.

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“Sarah Cordiner is the absolute best in the business when it comes to how to take your expertise and educational messages, and build them into profitable training courses that not only educate your market, but build trust, build relationships and win you more business. I cannot recommend her highly enough”— Jack Delosa, BRW Young Rich List Member, Founder of The Entourage & Best-Selling Author