Canada Day

My rings are in a jewelry box on a coastline far away
And when others ask what happened, I don’t know what to say
I could, I guess, keep mum with an answer so succinct
Yet then no one could comprehend just how long you had me on the brink

I’m watching the waves form and crash as I chronicle our fall
Suddenly I’m distracted by happiness, not thinking of you at all
Why didn’t you love me enough, why didn’t you ever care?
When I tried to speak to your soul, all I got back was a stare

Was I simply not worth it, not precious enough for your time?
It was as if making an effort was some sort of crime
And even now, when I bring it up, you clam up inside
Just like every mundane day we’ve had since I became your bride

I’ve always thought it my fault, like I was simply, inherently wrong
But I can’t curse myself anymore, I’ve blamed myself far too long
I knew it back then, but I’m finally accepting it now
We all have our own ways to love, but baby, you don’t know how.

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