the way we love: a ballad in xaxa

i saw you just last night
and i’ve since then lost all control
i’m starting to feel, pathetically
a stirring in my soul

i made a decision to stay strong
send my girlish notions to retreat
but the moment my eyes met yours
i was a puddle at your feet

stop, my brain said firmly
don’t drown yourself in his charms
he doesn’t realize his impact on you
that he’s got you so up in arms

and yet, my heart it sang
a wildly smitten tune
“perhaps, of course, i’m different”
a melody so jejune

and as the evening progressed
from dinner to dessert
talking and laughing and flirting
i felt like i couldn’t get hurt

i want to tell you what it is
that stirs me like butter inside
i want to tell you secrets
in you i want to confide

but here we’ve arrived again
at life’s great unanswered question
jump for the chance to love you
at the risk of hellish rejection

we could be so good together
if you would only see
but you alone won’t dream it up
so i guess it falls on me

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