this is always how it ends

we only spent two nights together
and now she’s telling all her friends
she seemed so blissfully different at first
but this is always how it ends

she’ll let something slip or I’ll notice a flaw
we could, in theory, continue as friends
but my kisses stain her lips and my words haunt her mind
so this is always how it ends

she’s too wrapped up in a fantasy of tomorrow
as evidenced by those purple-toothed grins
I can’t bear to break it to her so I just play along
because this is always how it ends

tomorrow will arrive and I’ll be off the hook
no need to make embarrassing amends
I just have to suffer through the stringing along tonight
while this is always how it ends

I could just tell her with words, vis-à-vis
but with that method, no one wins
so I’ll just quietly fade right out of her life
you know, this is always how it ends.

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