A Short Story About My Short-lived Meme Experiment

In December 2016, after the gut punch of the election, the ensuing despair, the fleeting moment of hope in our electors, and finally after the rage that this nightmare was now reality, I decided to do something. Something small, but something I thought might make a difference.

It’s no secret that viral memes created by our asshole in the white house and his political party and the Russians helped win him this election. Yes, memes. Internet memes. Whacky photoshop pictures, you see? …

It’s a breeze

Stand up comedy can be a tough world to break into. It can take years of painful soul searching, disappointing performances, and pounding the pavement day in and day out with very little reward. Or… it can be a total breeze! Check out my tips for breaking into stand up comedy.

Putting together your first set

Before you get up on stage, you have to know what you’re going to say. I wrote all my ideas in a notebook and kept it with me at all times until I lost it behind 3 racks of dresses I’ve only worn once in a spare room I…

Has anyone ever told you that an email you wrote seemed rude, abrupt, or pushy? If so, you’re probably a woman. And as a woman in the working world, you must take the time to choose your words carefully, even if it means that hitting ‘send’ will take an extra few days, weeks, or years. Using non-threatening language can mean the difference between being promoted, or having an awkward one-on-one with your boss about your attitude. Here are 7 strategies to achieve a non-threatening tone in your email.

1. Make your subject line calm and inviting

Sure, you may need a response immediately, and yes, this may be…

Hello Medium followers of The Cooper Review! Check out the latest humor below, and pre-order my new book How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings, it is non-fiction! And it comes out October 30th.

And now for the latest humor…


As some of you may know, I wrote a new satirical book, based on my post 9 Non-threatening Leadership Strategies for Women, called How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings and you can see an exclusive sneak peek right here on Medium in Slackjaw. This excerpt is from Chapter 2, called Communication: How to Talk Like a Man…

The Wokest Glossary

Ever feel like you’re not in the know? Not with it? Not down with the down low? Not hip to the hip cats? Well this post will tell you all you need to know about the shorthand we’re using in 2018.

Tweet = A posting made on the social media site, Twitter

Twat = A bad tweet

Sitch = Situation

Sitchuache = Situtation, or, Situation with someone who has a mustache

AG = Jeff Sessions

OG = Ice T.

POC = Person of Color

POC = Point of Contact

POC POC = Person of Color Point of Contact

Hundo P…

1. You start with a 15-minute meditation, then stop for a 10-minute stretch break, and end with 20 minutes of silent introspection

2. Your co-presenter’s name is Lorem Ipsum

3. There’s a typo on the first slide. And all the other slides.

4. The handouts are still warm from the copy machine

5. You start by saying you want to keep this “very high level” which means you didn’t actually prepare anything

6. You pass around your phone for people to look at screenshots you forgot to add to the presentation

7. Every slide is just one word in a…

If you’re trying to get ahead in the corporate world, appearing smart in meetings should be your top priority. This can be hard if you find yourself daydreaming about Mexico, margaritas or queso cheese dip.

If this happens, keep one of these tricks in your back pocket so you always look like you know what everyone’s talking about even though you definitely do not.

If a technical term is used, stop the person and say, “I think some folks here might not know what that is, could you explain it for them?” or “I think we might have different interpretations…

Three years ago I moved from New York City to San Francisco and learned how very different these two cities are. (This is part 3, check out part 1 here and part 2 here).


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