Hero’s Journey

  1. What visual effects are used to define location?

A viewer can easily identify by the visual effects of a stormy ocean, tall red wood trees, ice caps and an African landscape where the actor is portraying she is in the commercial.

2. What sound effects are used to define action?

The beeping in the car, the crash against the ship, the chainsaw and the ice cracking are all sound effects used.

3. What type of format is used?


4. Write a brief synopsis of the ad

The ad opens with Melissa McCarthy driving in a Kia Niro eco hybrid when a voice comes over the phone sending her on a mission. McCarthy is shown all over attempting to save the whales, trees, ice caps, and rhinos but is unsuccessful. The commercial ends with an announcers voice saying, “Right now it’s hard to be a eco-warrior but it’s easy to drive like one.”

5. What is the target market for the ad?

The target market is targeting people who care to make a difference in the environment without changing part in their routine.

6. What benefits are offered by the ad?

Those who care enough to be eco-friendly can be without the effort.

7. Is there a call to action in the ad?


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