CNA#1 Police: Dump truck, pickup truck involved in fatal Bedford accident

Police responded to a fatal accident occurring on Route 460 on January 24th around 12 p.m. It was reported that a pick-up truck collided into the back of a dump truck carrying gravel while the dump truck was slowing down in the right lane. The incident caused road blockage for several hours as the cars were removed from the lane and investigation continued.

Stepfather charged after accidental Franklin County shooting

January 20th, a thirteen year old girl was found with a gun shot wound in her lower back after the gun she was carrying accidentally discharged. After discovering the gun’s rightful owner was the girl’s stepfather, deputies charged the stepfather with possession of a firearm who was later released after paying the $5,000 bond. While the investigation is still continuing, the girl is reported to be stable in the hospital.

Bedford County teen found competent for trial in shooting incident

On October 13th, 911 dispatchers began to receive calls by neighbors in the Bedford area reporting shots were being fired. Daniel Flint, an 18 year old boy, was caught damaging vehicles with possession of a rifle. He was caught later that afternoon and while no one was hurt, he is looking to be on trial in April for his acts.

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