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When marketing goes bad

36 hours ago I saw something distasteful on Twitter. I expressed my distaste. What happened next was a lesson in how far we have to go for true equality.

In an exchange which escalated quickly into personal abuse, I realised that my moral & ethical bubble is indeed that. A Twitter feed filled with #metoo stories, encouraging openness. Friends and family involved in causes to better the lives of everyone. Surely everyone would feel uncomfortable about this sign?

What transpires is that professionalism is trumped by anger. The very stereotypes I was trying to highlight are perpetuated, not by a random individual, but by the director of the company. What began as a point about exposing young people to negative body image turned into an unbelievable series of exchanges which have consumed the last 36 hours.

But I’m taking heart from the incident. As the screenshot above shows, people are there. People agreed. I wasn’t looking for agreement, just a professional response from a company. For every negative comment, I received messages of support from like-minded users.

So whats the lesson?

People still hold attitudes which do not belong in contemporary society. And when those views are challenged, they are met with ridicule, abuse and a complete lack of professionalism. To protect the physical and emotional well-being of young people, we need to think ahead. These attitudes need to be changed. And we can do it together. Are you with me?

Next up, I’ll be looking at the impact of advertising on young people and what we can do to prevent it.