What do I write about? Helpful Tips for Blog Writers

Writing. How do I transfer my thoughts, ideas and facts on a page? I recall being a little girl and I would write. My cousin would come over for sleepovers, as she often did. We found ourselves in my room writing poems and found joy sharing our work with one another reading them aloud. Poems led to short stories, then long stories. We never struggled with finding a topic. Every idea was a good idea because when we thought of something, we wrote about it.

There was no “bad” topic.

We were honing our writing skills and didn’t even know it. We wrote whatever we wanted and it was good. Why?

When you give yourself the freedom to write about ANYTHING, you give yourself the freedom to soar!

You might think, “Hmm, my coffee was extra good today.” There’s a topic. “My Theory as to Why My Coffee Was Amazing this Morning” or “Coffee and Me: My First Encounter with Coffee” or “Coffee, I Love You.” Write about it!

Write your thoughts. No one else has your thoughts.

Exercising writing about ANYTHING, allows you to write unhindered, “tweek” things that sound funny or don’t make sense and build you a window for others to peek in and see you and your beautiful thoughts and ideas. I found an outlet when I was little, the paper was there and I covered it with myself. It was beautiful. I had a place to create. This is something you may want to consider. How do you write the best? Do you like to type, write on paper with pen or pencil, do you need some coffee, do you need a special place to sit and write? Consider these things.

What to write about once you have a topic:

*How do you feel about the topic?

*What does it look like, is it shiny, do you like that? Does is breath? Does it have a sound?

*Explain what it looks like, sounds like, its habits, do you like it?

*Write a conversation

*Backstory of the topic

*Describe, describe, describe

*Compare it to something

*Be a narrator

Here’s a writing prompt to begin your journey:

Write about a favorite childhood memory.

Take us there, explain what you see, what you feel and why it is a favorite memory of yours.