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Introverted writer, illustrator, and learner in one package

In fact, we could be way worse than the worst people we’ve ever thought of

Sarah Dee ©2020

Let’s be honest. We often talk about someone else’s faults as if we will never do the same mistakes in the future. Maybe now, or in the past, we were never doing such thing that we thought as bad as what anyone else ever did. But who knows the future?

It’s easy for us to judge someone who’s just done something that we perceived as negative. Whether it’s socially, normally, spiritually, where we put the same view over them. The goods and the bads. The positives and the negatives. Though most of us pick a side on the positives, it…

I’ll tell you why three years aren’t enough…

It’s nothing but good things — only if…

When dreaming is the most expensive thing someone could ever have

Sarah Dee © 2019

She is waking up on Friday.

Wondering about the day she’d become someone she always dreaming — a great doctor.

She blinks her eyes twice.

As if it’s the first time in her life.

Her breath is heavy and deep.

While her chest is pounding like a bomb waiting to explode.

Her red cheeks are shining as the light touches her small face.

Sarah Dee

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