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Sarah Doody
Feb 26, 2013 · 3 min read

Since launching my own business, I’ve been very conscious of how I spend my time. I decided the most important pieces to this puzzle of productivity are to first, make a daily to do list, and second, schedule everything.

To achieve this, I wanted to use only use two programs: Evernote for to-do lists and then Google Calendar (that I import into the Apple’s Calendar program) for scheduling meetings . The calendar has been alright, but the to-do’s are driving me crazy! I have yet to find a program I like. I’ve also tried Wunderlist, TeuxDeux,Google Tasks, and probably a few I’m forgetting. But, none of them worked for me (though the are all quite lovely).

After some reflection, it turns out it has nothing to with the products themselves, and everything to do with the fact that I find it highly illogical that my calendar and to-do lists can’t co-exist. What I really hated was constantly switching between my calendar and the to-do list application.

When you break it down, there isn’t much difference between a calendar item and a to-do item. Both are something that will happen or needs to be done and both have some type of time associated with them … so why are they treated different?

To me, it simply feels very natural to have calendars and to-dos exist in the same place. It would be much more efficient to get a glance of what is happening or needs my attention in one place.

Apple used to have a “to do” section within the Calendar. But to my knowledge, it’s gone. Actually, it appears as though maybe they’ve tried to replace it with the Reminders app.

After some further research, I realized that Google has Google Tasks and it actually does integrate the tasks into Google Calendar through what’s called Agenda view. As well,you can have the tasks show up at the top of each day, but I found the experience to be (sadly) not very useful. And also, if you are syncing Google Calendar with Apple’s iCal, you should know that Google Tasks are not supported.

It’s pretty simple to me. Everyday I have either appointments and meetings at specific times, or things that I have to do at specific times or by end of day. The common denominator between calendar applications and to-do applications is time. And yes, I know that sometimes the timeline for to-do’s is vague in which case they can simply have a due date of “someday”.

For the love of productivity, why can’t calendar events and to do items exist in one happy place? I am so, so tired of having to check two places in the morning just to get a sense of what my day looks like.

If someone wants to seriously consider building this, or if someone from Apple or Google wants to chat, please do let me know. I’d love to discuss how we can improve this experience and make us all little more efficient in our businesses and lives!

PS: Yes, I know there are probably a lot of apps and software that do this, but after looking at a few, they were overkill, and expensive! I don’t understand why two big companies like Google and Apple can’t offer this.

Sarah Doody

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