Technology for better or worst

Just 10 years ago we would have never imagined we would be using devices that fit in the palm of our hands that contain more technology than what was used to land a man on the moon. Or how about the thought of not having to “light up”? No more combustion? Really? Yes, because we now have the option to use technology to forge us forward and allow more options. I bet if we even suggested these technological advances as possibilities we would have been laughed at, yet we now have vapor devices that allow more options than simply not lighting up in the traditional fashion. And we have phones that indeed contain more technology then what we used to land a man on the moon. How about flying cars? If you mentioned that possibility 10 years ago we would have been told “stop watching the Sci-FI channel, yet we have flying cars that are almost a reality. Technology is moving at an astonishing speed for better or worst. There are so many technology advances that exist that we do not even know about, but let’s not forget who made this all possible… We the people!

The video Gaming industry or the newly emerging VR industry are explosive, fascinating and revolutionary. Video games are so real that people have real raw emotions that are attached and pour out of them while playing. It even affects gamers when they are not playing, the mere thought of the game impacts their frame of mind and thinking, and it’s just a game. I do not recall anyone feeling this way about Atari, now i am not saying that Atari wasn't “it” back in the day, but we have come light years from then in such a short period of time. Think about “VR” (virtual reality) which can transport our minds to places we have only dreamt of, yet we can go to these places without even leaving our living rooms. You can even arrive in fantasy lands that are like being in cartoons, it’s absolutely amazing and it’s all because of Technology. If we think the past 100 years were revolutionary, i can imagine what the next 10 years will bring. Tech experts surmise that the next 5 years will be like 10,000 years of tech advances which is truly remarkable! The foundation of our lives are changing in every way, every day. New marketplaces that were inconceivable just a few years ago are now exploding onto the market out of nowhere and it’s just the start! Let’s take the Vapor industry as an example, just a few short years ago no one has a clue what a “Mod” was and many still don’t, yet this 1 sector has proven to capture the attention of millions and change behaviors across the globe!

Its simple, technology is a part of everything we do, yet we still find ourselves so behind. Just think about it, i have a cell phone and do not know 90% of its capabilities and everytime i start to learn more, here comes the newest tech advance that makes my phone look prehistoric. Look at how fast the vapor industry is advancing, just a few years ago i had 1 option to switch which was the same color and lasted an hour at best. Fast forward to the current time and we have now have devices that have the ability to tell time, display an image, play a song, choose from an unlimited amount of colors, textures, power, sizes and the battery life can last for days. Even if you dont need or use any of it, you have to admit it is amazing and the innovation is not stopping anytime soon. Companies are relentless to provide customers with the latest and greatest weekly and people love it!

Upon reflecting on the past decade of innovation i often ask myself as i am sure many do, “where will we be in 10, 20, 30 years from now?”. maybe Robots that perform our daily mundane tasks? or what about phones that can think on their own? I say this, we can be a part of the evolution or we can sit back and benefit from these amazing advances. But i do know one thing, we are a product of our environment and that is now TECH FILLED!

Think about uber for a second; You can click a button on your smartphone and choose a customized ride in seconds. What car would you like? what driver seems like a fit? What class of car? Doesn't matter, Uber offers all of these options. Again, if we even considered these ways of life 10 years ago we would be looked at with 2 heads, you have to love it! All of these industries have 1 commonality, they have managed to travel through the hearts and core of our life and into the center of our society and it is just the beginning. The rate of speed in which technology sectors vary, however, every industry that emerges, will gear towards a new world of highly sophisticated technology that will continue to change our lives for better or worst.

The new age is just getting started and we should all pay real close attention to waht is really evolving around us, watch these new sectors soar to unimaginable heights or become a part of the landscape and contribute within an area you desire. But the truth is, i haven’t even scratched the surface in this article as to where we are today! Heads up, eyes open, hold on and let’s drive into the future together!