My experience with an IUD and a multi-thousand dollar procedure that followed.

Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

I used to see the copper Intrauterine Device (IUD) as a safe, long-acting form of birth control, and the best one at that. For 5 years, I enjoyed hormone and barrier-free birth control without any issues, besides some major cramping in the first few months.

Unfortunately, parting with the IUD was much more difficult for me than having it inserted.

An IUD fits right into the uterus and is made of plastic that is shaped like a “T,” which can be wrapped in copper or contain hormones…

Disconnecting high-income jobs from urban centers could increase investment in economically distressed rural areas and reduce the massive amount of pollution caused by commutes.

Photo by Anna Auza on Unsplash

The shrinking middle class in rural communities and human-caused climate change have been some of the most hot-button political issues of the 21st century. These problems, on the surface, seem to have solutions that address one issue while perpetuating the other, but another crises has shown this may not be the case. Before a global pandemic forced us all in our homes, this solution was one that lay on the sidelines — something that was coming in the future, but would take time to become the norm.

That solution is a drastic workforce shift away from offices and toward working…

Notepad illustration by Sarah Doyle.

My name is Sarah Doyle, I’m 23-years-old and I write for a living. You can too.

I recently realized that there’s a lot of people out there who don’t know there are tons of ways to make money writing. You don’t have to become a famous novelist, journalist or screenwriter — although, you can totally try that too.

But there are way more attainable writing careers, and I want the wordsmiths of the world to know there are options! …

Saying “like” is becoming an increasingly accepted part of professional speech.

Illustrations by Sarah Doyle.

You have an important interview. You’ve dressed up, because you know how much the first impression matters. When you sit down in front of your maybe-future boss, heart racing from the nerves, they break the ice. Then, in your very first sentence — you drop the L-word.

You said “like” in the middle of a sentence.

This means you’re probably a college-aged woman, according to research. They invented the L-word, and they’re still the most avid users.

Young women are on the forefronts of linguistic change. They develop new ways of speaking that eventually is adopted by the broader population…

Council members in the city of Aurora, Colorado drafted a repeal of their city’s breed ban in favor of restrictions on dangerous dogs.

Michael Terry’s award-winning purebred American Bully female, Tangie, is shown playing at a dog park in Westminster, Colorado. She was misidentified as a pit bull by animal control officers, sparking a debate over the city’s breed ban. Photo by Sarah Doyle.

Michael Terry is one of many residents to voice opposition to the City of Aurora’s ban on pit bulls, but his voice was truly heard. After over six months of consistently attending city council meetings and engaging with the city, a replacement to the breed ban is on the table — one that restricts dogs from the city based on aggressive behavior rather than DNA.

If the ordinance were adopted, it would effectively repeal Aurora’s pit bull ban while replacing it with new restrictions on dangerous dogs and reckless dog owners. …

Walking cats on a leash is becoming more mainstream.

Photo by Sarah Doyle.

The cat-walk is trending. I’m not talking about runway models — I’m talking about furry felines on a leash. Cats in their own little harnesses romping around America’s cities with their owners. Adorable, I know.

Cats on leashes are all over the internet. From popular Instagram accounts like sukiicat to how-to articles on veterinary websites and even hot-takes in the New York Times, walking your cat on a leash has hit the mainstream. These urban kitties have been trained to defy natural laws by allowing their owners to take them to new, scary places while losing control of their ability…

Graphic art by Sarah Doyle.

This relic of mass communication has contemporary appeal

Sorry millennials, but I’m Gen Z.

Graphic collage by Sarah Doyle.

We’re all pretty familiar with millennials — they’ve gotten a lot of press. Older generations have been trying to figure them out since they joined the workforce, making a spectacle of the fresh faces on the scene.

The millennial generation is widely accepted to start with those born between 1981 and 1996 (though some say 1995). They were the first to come of age after the Internet went mainstream in the 90s, bridging the gap between pre- and post-digital worlds. I was born near the end of 1996, right on the edge. …

Without local news, we lose local history — and community.

The front page of a weekly newspaper in Anacortes, Wash., published on May 2, 1958. Photo by Sarah Doyle.

Think about the place you grew up. Were there big, local stories that everybody knew about? Probably. Did national media report these stories? Maybe some, but never all of them. So, who was reporting them?

Local news.

It’s the local newspapers and television stations that report on the stories closest to you — the good, the bad and the ugly. They’re probably the reason you know about the crazy weather that’s about to hit you, or the family starting a brand new local business, or the kid who just won the regional spelling bee. …

Little me (left) and my little brother Matthew (right) watching the 2,400 pound sea lion named Woody, while he watched us.

In the small town of Seward Alaska, home to a mere 3,000 people or so, I made friends with a captive Steller sea lion. I’m sure of it.

The Alaska Sea Life Center was one of the few attractions there. It’s a nonprofit research institution that doubles as a public aquarium, while rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals — often beached whales, otters and seals. Every time we were there, Woody the Steller sea lion was the most important creature to visit, because I had to make sure he remembered me.

Steller’s aren’t the same as the sea lions in California…

Sarah Doyle

Professional communicator with lots of thoughts. Love research and data. Former local journalist.

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