At Spoon University, we are a fundamentally new kind of media company, where all of the content is created by a network of contributors all over the world. Spoon creators have produced tens of thousands of pieces of content (thousands of which are videos) garnering over half a billion impressions every month.

People often ask us how we motivate a massive network of people to create content on Spoon. The answer is simple and less of a silver bullet than many would hope: we consider our contributors to be our top priority and primary customers. …

Fun fact: We almost called it “Spooning” but we thought we should be subtle.

A couple years ago, Mackenzie Barth and I started a student publication at Northwestern. Then we had the crazy idea that we could turn it into a company. We had no clue what we were getting into.

We Googled how to incorporate a company. I taught myself to code. Kenzie talked with hundreds of students to see how Spoon could work at their schools too. About 6 months into the startup grind, as we were beginning to lose steam, we got into the Techstars accelerator program here in the city, and we learned exactly how much we didn’t know. …

A typical 30-second ad that you see on a Times Square screen probably cost about $300–450k to produce*. If you don’t find that shocking, you probably work in the industry. It’s even more shocking when, today more than ever before, “ordinary” people can produce high quality content without fancy gadgets and hundred-thousand-dollar budgets.

At Spoon University, we know this. We’ve been trying to tell everyone all along that young people (yes, even college students) are capable of creating quality things. …

I’m the 24-year-old CTO of a startup that just raised $2 million. I built all of my company’s tech by myself for the first two years we existed. But, apparently, if I’m on your tech team you should [re]evaluate your life.

I’m a full-stack engineer, and I built a fully custom Ruby on Rails app that handles all of my company’s onboarding, training and analytics. I’m a WordPress developer in a world where many ‘good’ developers refuse to read the WordPress codex, and I built out custom content-sharing capabilities across the sites in our multisite network.

I studied Journalism and…

Sarah Adler

austin → nyc → outer space, cofounder @

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