In my pantry there is…

a tin of sesame puree that has remained sealed. Has it been that long since I made hummus? Now it’s open. Fortuitously navy beans were soaked and cooked on Friday. They were going to be used in a salad. Making hummus sounds more interesting.

  • Navy bean, 4c cooked
  • Tahini paste, 2T
  • Lemon juice 1/4c
  • Olive oil, 1/2c
  • Paprika, 1t

The process can move along faster if the beans are still warm from cooking. They absorb all the added flavors easily. The puree comes together faster. Today’s beans were cooked the night before. They had spent the night in the fridge. No matter, it would add a minute or two onto production. Nothing deal breaking.

Combine the beans and tahini in the food processor. Process to break down the beans. Add the lemon juice and olive oil while the machine is running. The ingredients should emulsify creating a cohesive smooth puree. Keep olive oil on hand in case your hummus needs a little extra to achieve the right consistency. Add the paprika. If it is still tasting bland try adding a teaspoon or two of lemon juice. It may need additional salt if the beans were not seasoned at the end of their cooking process.

Pop open a chilled dry Riesling — look for one from Australia’s Eden Vally. It will not disappoint. Toss pita in olive oil and oregano. Toast until golden and crisp. Dip and enjoy!

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