What’s Next For Egg Freezing?
Michael Dempsey

A huge factor for me and my lack of progeny is that the basic facts around egg quantity and quality are not taught to young women (or men!), or made available to them in any real and approachable manner.

I simply Did. Not. Know. …and by the time I did, it was far too late for us. We were also pretty much too old to get in line for adoption as well, since we wasted two years trying to figure out if there was anything medically cost effective we could do in terms of procreation. The idea of being wait-listed for another two years (minimum) was too much for my mental health.

While egg freezing is no guarantee of winning the baby lottery, it’s a good start. And it is for sure a great start to opening the conversations around fertility and the shortness of the actual window of opportunity.

For my husband and I? We are awesome as Auntie and Uncle. And volunteering with kids groups allows me to do the genuine loving that I know is needed in our community. But that doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed by the lack of education and information that got me to this place.

Life is too short to be resentful, but just long enough to instigate change.

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