Stop Yelling About What Poor People Eat
Chris Newman

Have you received EWG’s emails? They’re telling me I can prevent cancer by eating their select list of organic/etc produce! Cause we all know that Cancer is that simple, just eat a bunch of this and a bunch of that, and you’re set to be cancer free!! Am I right or wrong?

I recently received an e-blast from them, which I had to take a snapshot of, because it’s marketing is so absurd and insensitive. It implies that the only reason people get Cancer is because they are not eating the “right” things! They also discovered a cancer calculator, that tells you how much cancer you have based on organic produce you eat. Is it Science? It’s INSANE!

I find their scare tactics a bit alarmist and simplistic. In a way, it blames the individual for getting/having Cancer. Like they did something wrong if they washed their clothes with detergents, or implying that their cancer is an addition game!! (The more organic products/produce you use the more cancer will stay away)

So, taking into account the price of “healthy/organic” food and produce or whatever, does that mean that poor and working class people are screwed? Does that mean that they’re going to get cancer?

It’s easier to blame the poor for all their diabetes, obesity and cancer. They obviously need blaming for being poor too! Right? That’s the implication.

Eating “Healthy” food (Organic Food only) is a status or class symbol. It’s a trend of the already healthy and prosperous. And now more than ever, it’s the formula that will keep Cancer away, make you sexy, show your intelligence and superiority, unlike those poor souls that can’t afford 3 organic apples for $11.50.