Kerplunk: My Forced iPhone Detox

It happened — the most terrible thing that can happen to an iPhone enthusiast happened today. I spun around in the teeny tiny bathroom at work and — kerplunk! Granted the water was… let’s just say it could have been worse. My recent rants to Laura (best friend/roommate) about her “scrolling time” played through my head as I stuffed my iPhone 6 into a bag of brown rice. Laura dishes it right back to me (as the best besties do), insisting that I am just as guilty of mindless scrolling. Now, here I am: thumbs squirming without my little box. Touché, buddy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good digital detox (#campkid); but I like it to be on my time, my way. And that is where I realize: it is a privilege to be able to unplug. So, thank you fate and teeny tiny bathroom stalls for giving me some perspective today.