Day 1 in Trump’s America
Sean O'Kane

What a load of bullshit. Every time something like this happens and it’s investigated by police, it’s debunked… whether it’s the lesbians who burned down their own house and claimed it was “Trump supporters,” or the people who burned down their own church after writing pro-Trump graffiti on the side, or one of the morons who beat them self up and said it was a Trump supporter, this is a load of bullshit. Even simply using logic, why the hell would a Trump supporter write something like this? Why would they intentionally make them self look like a racist piece of shit? What does that accomplish? Not only that, but Donald Trump is NOT racist. He has lobbied in New York for better laws that would prevent discrimination against minorities and homosexuals in clubs. He has put a Mexican-immigrants son through college. There are literally tons of pictures on Google of him hanging out with friends who aren’t white… oh, but he’s racist, right? I am ashamed that the people creating this propaganda are American. I’m ashamed that the Liberals who are slandering the character of their fellow Americans, simply for not being like them, are from this country. But most of all, I feel sorry for those of you who see this and actually believe it’s the truth, and if you think for a single moment that all Trump supporters are white supremacists, you have got to be the most ignorant of all the aforementioned.