CNA Week #7

College Basketball Players Giving Advice to Former Self.

In recent basketball news the typical freshman take over has been dominated by seasons throughout the season. Within this article we see multiple college seniors give advice to their former self, these players have grown not only as college athletes but also as people. Many payers said to expect the unexpected within the sport, gave diet tips and gave helpful tips and a promising hope to future athletes looking to play in college.

Minnesota Gophers Lengthen Suspension for Multiple Payers.

After a sex tape on social media containing three Minnesota players was released the suspension lengthens, suspended three players for the duration of the season. The players involved were initially just suspended for the one upcoming game against Illinois, however the suspension has been extended due to a violation of the teams rules. A statement from the school was released explaining that the three players involved in this action of violating team rules will be suspended from playing for the duration of the teams season, seeing as in this will be what is best for the team as well as the basketball program at the university.

Duke Basketball and Mike Kryzewski.

Duke basketball and Coach Mike Kryzewski are having an amazing season, one of the best seasons of his coaching even after coaching two Olympic gold medal teams, and five national titles. Even after a season in which multiple payers were entered into the NBA draft after only one season on campus Duke basketball is becoming the talk of college basketball. Coach K although losing multiple amazing players is making one of the greatest comeback with the rising in rankings as well as fighting to win and succeeding in multiple wins in a recent rise in the NCAA rankings.

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