Exercise 6.2

City Council

Who: The City Council of Lynchburg Virginia.

What: One-cent sales tax proposal, this would raise about $400,000 for the city in the next year costing families only about $75 more a ear, also expanding services such as trash pickup to twice a week rather than just once a week. Metropolitan Zoning Commission considering a request to move a cemetery in order to build a supermarket. Homeowners spoke out about rezoning, moving the cemetery and adding a supermarket. License morticians through the city, asses annual license fee that morticians would have to pay every year while bringing in a considerable amount of revenue, bill calls for $150 fee per mortuary per year.

When: Monday February 29,2016 at 8 p.m.

Where: Not mentioned, however roughly around 200 citizens were in attendance along with seven council members.

*REMEMBER* write the story with the most important detail as the what then chronologically descend. (roughly 250 words)

The city council of Lynchburg Virginia met Monday February 29,2016 in order to discuss a “One-cent tax proposal.”

This proposal was addressed to discuss the possibility of increasing sales taxes by one-cent in order to raise about $400,000 for the city in the next year, as well as increasing trash pickup to twice a week rather than just once all while only making the average family pay about $75 a year. Reasons for the tax increase included the possibility of having to lay off workers within the next year due to insufficient funds through the city.

Throughout the meeting three proposals were addressed and voted on within the city council members. A proposal addressing the one-cent tax increase was discussed and brought to attention by council women Wilma Rudolph. This proposal consisted of the increase of city taxes by one-cent increasing the cities income by about $400,ooo within the next year. This would advance to minimal positions being laid off, as well as the city being able to expand certain services. One service of expansion mentioned within the meeting was that of garbage pick up being expanded to twice a week rather than just once. By increasing the tax by once-percent the average family within the city of Lynchburg would only be paying about $75 more per year.

During this proposal a few of the council members were skeptical and did not agree that we needed to increase taxes due to the fact that some felt as though citizens were already taxed to heavily and did not believe that this is what the citizens of the city would want. Although with this proposal the Mayor was against the tax increase and felt as though taking a look at the city’s budget and things to cut back on would be sufficient to the tax increase. The council members voted against the mayor and ended the vote with a five to two in favor of the tax increase by one-percent.