I have been noticing lately how shaped people are by what they have been through or what experiences have pressed into them. It comes out in all they do, their attitude, and mannerisms. You can learn a lot about a person by just watching them. You don’t necessarily even have to know their life story but you just know them.

Some of the things we do are so deeply rooted into us, that we don’t even see that that are hurting us or others though. When others point it out, and ask us why do we do this we just seem to think it is normal and okay but it shouldn’t be. It is hard to talk to someone about things you see that aren’t good behaviors, but it is something that has to happen.

We have to keep ourselves and each other accountable, because it could be something us or them don’t even realize they are doing. People adapt to the what surrounds them, or what they have seen happen in their life. We need to make sure they don’t think they are in a situation where they keep having to do those things.

If you get frustrated when they don’t see what they are doing wrong or don’t want to stop, just think if you were in their place what would you do. Sometimes, it is a test for us to learn to be patient with others. Always make the effort to show them you care enough to talk about it. They might be a little agitated at first, but then they will be grateful for you. It might be something they needed someone to bring up to help them with.

Life can be very draining at times and we need to take care of each other, and lift each other up. You never know when someone just need a nice smile or kind gesture from a stranger to brighten their day. Or a phone call or text from a friend to get them through it. Always be watching for opportunities.