Popular Japanese snacks you will see.

I am betting you don’t know the fact that I am a bit of an anime nerd. I had always watched it growing up, and found friends when I was about 15 or 16 who watched soooo much more then I did. Which means I always benefited in the sense of having someone to talk to about it or had the best recommendations.

Today is Saturday and I went to an anime convention. I have been to them before, and this one is a quite a bit smaller then the ones I am used to but it was nice nonetheless. The size of it was actually better for this trip.

If you have never attended one, there is always people at a registration booth, in case you need help, maps or etc.

There is an exhibit hall where vendors sell all kinds of fun anime, video game, cartoon, and comic related paraphernalia. Which would be like shirts, cosplay items like swords, jackets, masks, anything that would make you look like a character. Posters, figurines, drawings, plushes, phones accessories, buttons, magnets, any many more cool things.

Then they have rooms where they hold panels. This could be anything from video game tournaments, cosplay contests, to Q&A’s about certain games or shows, or how to drawing sessions, they have special guests who host panels from shows or video games. They go on all day in different rooms so you will most likely find something you want to participate in. They usually have a dance or a rave during one day of the convention also.

Also they should have some sort of refreshment area. I’ve been in one before where they had a small court area, but then right outside there was all sorts food trucks. But if it held in a hotel which it usually is, there will be water stations, a restaurant, and a Starbucks. All this one had though was a small Japanese snack booth, with the Starbucks & hotel restaurant. But it was downtown so it was walking distance from some decent places. People usually deliver food there too, which we did.

A game room is always essential. They have game consoles loaded with games lining the room. They’ve got multiple chairs pulled up to them, so people can watch or join the fun. Then there is tables with chairs all in the middle of the room so people can play card games. They have a few party card games, then if you brought your own other one you can play against other people. Then they have decks you can buy also for collecting.

You always meet really cool nice people there. Even if you go just to see all the unique costumes it is worth going at least once. You will find something awesome or cute to buy at the vendors’ booths. Definitely be prepared to find a good deal on parking though. Find others to go with, because going in groups will save you money on tickets, hotels if needed and food. Plus, it is more fun to go with people.

Hope you enjoy! ❤