10|11 — Finally. A sunday of productivity and enjoyment. Even when it was terribly rainy day.

This photo is grace à Brittany (yep thanks snap chat) because even though I had my dear old canon sitting in my lap, I got too excited to take photos as I was so hungry.

Then when the HR came, I found myself already half way through it before I remembered my camera. If you don’t go to this place if you are in Paris, you’re crazy (but it’s ok. So am I. According to my 11 yo, every day. Even though he was the one sniffing his brothers feet/socks this afternoon. I was astounded when he tried to get near mine (personal boundaries much). He said “this is very good”. What. English translation or not, no one’s feet after a day of school or walking around EVER smell good. I digress.)

So this is Mexican food, run by, I think he is actually Mexican. He’s cool, casual and likes to chat to you as he’s making margs behind the bar/kitchen. You’ve got to go through teeny passage way, past the “kitchen”, which is literally a corner on the side of the bar, and you emerge into this cave like, very warm and cosy (it was raining the day we went) room.

It is also a bar so there weren’t many tables, we were lucky Joanna arrived early (read: on time) and nabbed us one. I went with Brittany and her Brighton-now-lives-in-Paris friend, Joanna on a Sunday for brunch and it was glory. Fresh guac with these delicious corn chips, smokey black bean dip and a chilly carrot and cauliflower something with a vinegary sauce then huevos rancheros. So satisfying.

After this we went to a little teahouse near Joanna’s in the 10eme, just for a hot drink though. They have stellar brunches though so we’ll be back — the amount of bread a French person can put away, I guess it’s like Australians and Iced Vovos (or it that just me?) Anyway, these two men when we sat down near them were eating tiny pots of Bonne Maman jam (cute!) and those little portions of nutella with hunks of baguette (LICKING THEIR KNIVES, Mum, Dad, I hear your jaws hitting the floor. This is such a big no no at home).

Then a couple of nicely, not greasily, fried eggs and ham (Sam-I-am) with a bit of salad. Then another delivery of bread. Then a decently sized piece of salmon with rice for one, and a huge bowl of nice looking caesar salad. (Need I mention the top of bread at this point) THEN just as we were leaving, they were finally munching on riz au lait (rice pudding). I hope this was their only meal of the day. This other couple ordered the salmon and this delicious looking burger (and we all know how I feel about a good looking burger) and HE DIDN’T FINISH IT BECAUSE HE HAD EATEN TOO MUCH BREAD. Clearly. I was very much offended.

And now I don’t know what to get when I go for brunch — the caesar salad, salmon or burger. All looked equally delicious.

Also, Kevin Rudd, Iced VoVos and his 2007 election speech happened. I wish I was famous enough to lead to rocketing sales of a delicious biscuit and then have a shipping pallet of them delivered to my house in gratitude.

Hurray I found that brunch place as I had forgotten the name:

Les p’tites indécises
2 Rue des Trois Bornes
75011 Paris

10 Rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris

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