12/12 — Happy Birthday CP

Yay she ++ Michael arrive in T-minus 1 week ++ 9 hours.

CP’s 22nd birthday I am thinking, because last year Eloise was in India, it surely it wasn’t THREE years ago.

Why yes, that is specific. Reason: It’s 8h08 ++ I’m disgruntled. I woke up extra early to be able to get ready and still make it to the metro station to buy a ‘carnet’ (pack of 10 tickets) because I didn’t recharge my navigo pass for the month because I’m not here for the last week of decembre, as well as this weekend, never use it on wednesdays anyway, so I had been recharging weekly which I didn’t do this week because I haven’t needed to use it at all — I’ve been keeping local — and when I did take the metro a couple of times, I had spare metro tickets. Bref, I had to buy more today.

I couldn’t do at Villiers because ALL FIVE machines were out of service. Okay, no big deal, it’s 7h45 and I have to be in class by 8h (which, I promise, normally is more than enough time). I’ll just hop foot it (is that even the phrase? I used the term ‘hopping’ the other day in front of Natalie and could tell she was laughing at me. Well, I actually pointed out my lame use of another-era-jargon, and feel this is the same deal, but this time I don’t even know if that’s the term). In any case, I strided purposefully (in the rain, no less, thanks universe, only for me would it rain at 8h in the dark when I’m running late) to Monceau, down the way, only to find that the freaking ticket machines don’t take a fiddy note, and I don’t have enough change for 1 metro ticket (1.70e thank you).

What’s more I have an exam next week, so I’m feeling quite guilty about skipping (*whispers *- both) classes this week. Apparently regardless of where you are, what you’re studying and how long the term is, one, *okay, I, always gets slack at the end.

I feel like I’m going to get scolded by a various family member about this after they read it.

In any case, this is the earliest I’ve been up, not for class, and I’m not even going to go back to bed (I hadn’t actually even thought of it until right this second, grr); I’m going for a run and then will study some French here. Which is a well done me moment, considering this week has not been a good one and I fell asleep at 2h this morning, because I couldn’t sleep at midnight so I went to enrol in QUT, as I had been forgetting all week, got distracted by my hilariously unconventional 3 subject timetable — incidentally 4 for semester 2, WHY, when it’s my 21st birthday and it always falls during exam season for design kids — then finally worked out the Italian website for the Milan exchange I’ve been eyeing off but wasn’t sure I could do du fait du it’s in Italy, duh, and therefore may not be taught in English. BUT IT IS. SO HURRAY.

That’s one hurdle down, the next is convincing QUT to let me swap my French minor for the exchange minor, which I am thinking they’ll judge me for doing so because I’ve already done half of it, and is probably more beneficial for my degree than saying, ‘hay, I went on exchange in Italy’.

Actually, well, seeing that I’ve started learning Italian **, maybe it’ll be impressive enough to eventually say at ‘grown up job interviews’ I speak English, French and Italian?

*Let’s not get too excited, I so far know my subjects — io, tu, egli, nio, vio, essi, and I don’t even know how to pronounce them, thanks google translate for your lack of effective audio. There’s actually an Italian au pair in my French class who I’m slowly sidling over to, to say ‘hay! teach me Italian’, but she is actually a lovely gal so it would be nice to be friends with her, and then I could visit her when I’m in Italy ++ it’d be all cute and, ‘hay, we were au pairs in Paris at the same time a few years back’!

This blog as come a far way from originally being a post about CP’s birthday. Oh well, these are the best ones — and give a wonderful insight that everyone wants into the inner workings of my frazzled mind.

Case of point: the other day I wanted to check how to say “it’s my sister’s birthday on Friday”, which is “c’est l’anniversaire de ma soeur ce vendredi” — I overcomplicate it sometimes, but basically sometimes they do things differently with their it is, this, the, of, but as it transpires, it was a very simple sentence. This is somewhat embarrassing to admit; this is an A1 sentence — that’s the beginner of beginner class lingo for you non-language class people, I’m at B2, there’s only 2 more until you’re ‘fluent’ :/

Anyway, better to confirm than going though life saying c’est l’anniversaire de ma soeur le vendredi … Actually that might also make sense… Besides, what kid is going to judge me? An 11 yo French boy, that’s who. Anyway, he asked why I wanted to check this, who was I telling this and I told him that I’ve gotten into this crazy habit where I automatically start to try converting things in my head that I’m thinking. It’s le pire when I’m trying to fall asleep. It’s probably why I have so much trouble sleeping. No dreams in French yet though, you would think so. L told me I was crazy, which for once, I agree with.

So it’s good right? This inner curiosity to know what everything in French would be? Sure, but it’s addling my brain because I’m always thinking in English, but as I go along, trying to translate into French, which means I’m splitting my brain trying to do the two simultaneamente (italian) simultanément (french) — oh gawd, wait until I’m properly learning Italian, I understand what it’s like now for poor Finja, with German AND French AND English. Of course I don’t know all the words in French so then it’s constantly a, what word do I use? What’s that word? How do I even phrase that?

The worst is negative with indirect/direct subjects (changing a noun to ‘it’), because the negatives don’t go in the same place in French.

E.g. The book was boring. I am not reading it anymore. = Je ne lis plus le livre = je ne le lis plus. Especially because the indirect/direct object comes before the verb.

It’s the same if it’s, she didn’t send you a text; elle ne t’envoye pas un texto. The little ‘t’ means you and again comes before the verb in French but not in English.

Également, ‘y’, the little bugger means there, as in, I am going to the beach. I go there every day; Je vais aller à la plage, j’y vais tous les jours. (This is good, it’s helping me study, which I should be doing seeing that I’m not in class!)

HOW do people learn Chinese or Russian where the letters aren’t even the same. Honestly, that’s impressive.

I asked A, “est-ce qu’on dit en français, je deteste le froid” —(does one say in French, I hate the cold?) because at the time we were walking home from tennis in 3 degree weather. He is 8 years old, and it sounds so formal in the English translation, but it’s just the French way to say it— “c’est pas français, on dit, “je n’aime pas le froid” (That’s not really French, you would say, I do not like cold). All replied with this cute little kid French expression of “même pas”, or maybe that’s just A.

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