20|09 — Samedi

Happy one month in Paris! Today was a supreme day. Brittany, Laura & Bridget (a friend of Brittany’s from Bryon) & myself when to Giverny.

The train from Gare Saint Lazare takes about an hour, heading nord-ouest to Vernon. You can then either take a bus, bike or walk to Giverny which is on the other side of the river and travelling to the sud-est. We decided to bike it, as there is a path that you can follow all the way to Monet’s gardens and house. It cost 14e for the day for the bikes which is expensive but definitely worth it!

The train left at 7h53 which we made, without about 5 minutes to spare, seeing that the others had to get to my metro stop at 7h05, just in case there was a queue or we didn’t know where to go (Gare Saint Lazare is about 5 levels of confusion) and then Laura overslept so lucky we made it!

We had a coffee at the café where we hired the bikes seeing that we got there so early 9h. The sugar was wrapped and came in cubes which I found oh so delightful. When we finally found the bridge to cross (surprise we got lost and were heped by a lovely elderly man who noticed we had pulled out a map) we stopped for many a photo. The river is stunning.

The church where you are meant to turn at if you want the direct route to Pont Clemenceau. Of course we chose the ‘find it yourself’ route

The path after the town to Giverny. The air was fresh, the birds were singing and there was a highway to our right (so close to it being the countryside proper).

That’s right! We found 3 delightful grey horses who were more than happy to be path and fed grass.

So. Many. Flies.

This majestic fowl was fabulous with his headpiece.

BYO lunch on oversized park benches in Monet’s garden.

Blisty from my new clogs.

Twirling in the gorgeous gardens.

The famous water lillies.
Kudos to Bridget for the excellent photo.

Ride back to Vernon.
Ride home, clouds are building.

Perfect timing, we had pastries in a warm cosy bakery as it poured down outside.Brittany and I shared a nutella éclair and berry crumble tart. Both delicious, of course.

Next door to the bakery was a brocanteur (2nd hand shop, which of course we went in to. Brittany is alos a big lover of all things old, more vintage than my antique tastes). There was a nice old bell for 23e but I didn’t love it enough to buy. Instead I got a little cadeau for quelq’un and this lovely little trinket box. I adore the front of it.

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