21|10 — Joyeux Anniversaire

I can’t believe I’m 20 smile. (it was that or a fake crying selfie. I opted for the surprised wrinkle smile)

Natalie, Miranda and I spent the afternoon at Musée de Carnavalet (all about old Paris) and Angelina. Good day despite the overcast weather.

love this wallpaper
This place had about 20 teeny tiny little village models of Paris back in the day. So cute!
The creepiest rat monkey taxidermy ever. Ughhhh. \\\\\\ Just hanging in my new ballroom. Gah, I thought we had accidentally walked in to Palais de Versailles!

Natalie’s macroons
The famous hot chocolate \\ Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc at Angelina. Should have gone for a simple pain au chocolat. WAY too rich and I don’t even like chestnut paste that much anyway. Overwhelmed for choice and got something I didn’t love. Classic. But still, I know for next time!

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