24/01 — Samedi soir

So we all met up at Finja’s for a cup of tea and to have a chat before Natalie and I headed off to DD’s housewarming (a house in Paris whatttt) as Finja was having another group of friends over.

They didn’t arrive until 22h, & we ended up staying, played a most excellent game, called Jungle Speed, it’s so much fun, drinking red wine, chatting to her two Polish friends who are here on ERASMUS exchange and a French friend.

Her host family was away so we had the place to ourselves, except for the fact that the ajoining apartment which they own, and where the step children now live, were also having an apartment. Not that there was any clash or anything, rather quite the party house on Saturday night, 2 parties going on at once.

Oh we also placed that great game from primary school to tell your future — where you write several options for house, pet, wealth, husband, children, career, mode of transport etc. (getting really stupid like, living in an attic, having a giraffe, being a crazy cat lady instead, 12 children etc. etc.) then based on when the person says stop as you were drawing a spiral (then counting how many ‘rows’ of lines there are)you predict there future. I haven’t played that since I was in year 6 I think. Brought back good memories.

I think I was living in an attic with 12 children, using a segway to get around, as a crazy cat lady working as a cleaner, but somehow I was rich. Hers hoping that’s not going to come true. Poor Natalie (who has been scarred for life by her experience with her ex-charges, got 12 kids as well. Figures).

1) The glass thing under the teapot is a clever design. I haven’t seen one like that before — you put a tea light candle in the cntre and light it to keep (sort of) the base of the teapot warm. But also acts as a candle holder should you be going tea-free at the time. 2)I don’t know what I’m doing here, Finja as per usual is self-ing away. See the fancy Parisian interior design. Ooooh. 3) Mon cheri chocolates (I think). Never had them before. Was thinking they were just chocolate. NO. NOT AT ALL. They’re filled with cherry liquor. Beurk!

It was a good night. Finja doesn’t live too far away so Natalie and I strode through the cold to get home, tucked in bed before 2h30.

Never got to see the house though which is a bummer.

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