28/01 — Mommy

Just watched an incredible film. Thank you Natalie for introducing it to us!

The terrible part of it is I have no one new to gush to about it to insist they watch it because no one would be fluent enough. It has French subtitles because it’s filmed/set in Canada, where they use different ways/expressions to say things/use a fair few English words as slang (not that that’s a problem for me), but even then it’s abbreviated/slang in French.

So. Natalie & Finja will have to put up with me dissecting as I keep pondering it. I’m sure they’ll be the same, it’s a very multi-layered film, a lot to talk about. They do this really clever thing with changing the width of the camera lens/film (does that make sense? I hope so).

But oh my, so good. It received something like a 13 minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival (where it won best award, Pris du Jury). The director is only 25, and a genius.

EDIT: you can watch it with English subtitles. Everyone’s watching this when I get back.

p.s. It’s not your business in German is It’s not your beer. Too. Good. (Finja thank you for this tidbit)

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