30|09 — La rentrée, back to school

It was great. I had a general language class, niveau B2 (yay I haven’t regressed from university last year) in the morning, bright and early at 8h. Hurgh. But at least it makes me wake up in the morning and then I have from 10h15 until 16h to myself! Instead of midday to 16h, when I normally wake up at 9h and waltz out the door at 10h (oh let’s be honest, normally it’s 11h).

My teacher, Agnès, is the professor who interviewed me, and she has a very calm and gentle voice which is really good because it encouraged us all to speak.

The nationalities/languages/backstories to the other students (all girls as it’s an au pair class and au pair boys are rare to come by, dommage) are incredible — there is this one girl who is 23, has a degree in philosophy and literature from YALE, can speak about 4 different languages and is learning Arabic. So cool.

Hay guys, I’m from Australia, my parents are from Australia and I speak fluent English.

I met 2 girls who also live in the 17eme. One looks after a 2 y.o and a 10 week old!

Then at 13h there is my History Art class, which is about Roman and Greek art in France, in French. My teacher, Jel, is a cool bald trendy glass wearing man, who lectures really well. That’s all it is for 1 hr 1/2, a lecture, and I suspect no exams or assignments. Which is good except the class level is B1 which means that he speaks very slowly and enunciates very word. At least it’s not the opposite!

This class is at the Notre Dame campus, so right nearby La Sorbonne and the Notre Dame. There is this church around the corner which is from the 2nd century. Incredible. It backs onto one of Paris’ many parcs, or this is more like a small green space, which has free wifi (bonus!) so I suspect I will be heading there straight from VH at 10h15 to have lunch in the parc with a good book, my Kylie Johnson//Paperboat press sketchbook or Pinterest on my phone.

It’s beautiful around there, and I walked home (1 hr) because the weather has turned slightly warm again and it was such a pretty day.

I finally will get my monthly metro card (67e poorer) though it’s unlimited which means I will be adventuring out in Paris at lot more than I have been!

p.s. this photo was taken at the end of the day when I was reading underneath A’s bunk bed. Hence the fluro green behind me! I don’t actually know where A was at this point. Oh wait! He was at the piano for a lesson, so I’m left to snuggle with his giant teddy bear and a good book — my favourite so far is Belfégor et l’orage. It’s about this baby dragon who has to swallow a lightning bolt in order to get his ‘flame’ but he’s too scared to do it. Great art work.

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