When everything sucks our relationships feel it…

Typically spring brings the start of BBQ season, patio beers, and play times at the park, but in 2020 spring started to look drastically different as a pandemic shifted our lives drastically.

Businesses shuttered, restaurants closed their lobbies, and folks were forced to work from home. People lost their jobs, got a pay cut, or lost hours while others were forced to work from home or put in intense work environments as a front line worker. At the same time, schools closed, leaving parents to not only work but also become a teacher.

Fellow Marriage and Family Therapist said it best when she stated that consensual non-monogamy (also known as ethical non-monogamy) is:

Not for Everyone

Not Polygamy

Not against the Law

Not Deceitful

Not Cheating

Not a threat to monogamous relationships

Not a “sex addiction”

Not Easy

Not just about sex

Not against the law

Not “avoiding commitment”

Not “an attachment disorder”

Only enthusiastically consented

As you can see, a lot of things have been thought to be true when it comes to relationships that don’t fit the mold of monogamy. …

CW: This blog contains images and discussion that has offensive language and images, including content on suicide, self-harm, negative views of marginalized groups.

Dear Fellow Therapist,

I am a sex and relationship clinician who mainly sees partnerships and individuals who are into alternative interests, lifestyles, and sexual identities. My clients are members of the LGBT+ community and involved in alternative interests, such as the furry fandom. Personally, I am also the acting Mental Health programming track lead for the largest furry convention in the world. …

Sarah Newcomer, MS IMFT

She/Her | Furry | Queer | Licensed therapist specializing in sex and relationship therapy. Authentic personality included.

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