My #2018Liberation List

Instead of New Years resolutions, I’m following Cate Huston’s lead and creating a list of things I’m freeing myself from in 2018.

  • Say no to things that don’t align with my goals and priorities. (Note: I actually thought about my goals and priorities this year and I’m gonna stick to ‘em!)
  • Simplify my life. Free myself of all the stuff we never use. (Note: We have a basement full of things we never use. GET RID OF IT.) I will read the manga konmari and donate everything that doesn’t bring me joy to charity. It’s time to clean house!
  • Focus on my strengths, stop working so hard on my “weaknesses”. I’m not good at everything and that’s ok. I’ll never be a detail-oriented person — I’m a big picture person. While I can handle the details, it’s not my strength and it never will be. AND THAT’S OK.
  • Stop doing things I hate to do, but feel obligated to do. Example: planning and organizing events. I love coming up with ideas, and that’s fine, but I don’t need to be the one doing all the work to bring every event to fruition. Find others to do that work, so I can focus on the big picture stuff that I actually do enjoy.
  • Not every idea needs to happen. Prioritize and simplify.
  • Hire out all the work I don’t have time/energy to do. Pay for a house cleaner every other week. Hire a handyman. Pay someone to organize and decorate my house. Other people are really good at those things. We can give them money!
  • Don’t wait for things to be perfect. For example, this blog post. I will probably think of 100 things I should have added as soon as I publish it, so my instinct is to wait, but I’m not gonna. PUBLISH!