A poem

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Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

Chattering teeth
A cold that speaks
Through the wind and rain

Feel its breath
Take what’s left
And slowly go insane

Breathe in, breathe out
This dream’s about
To take a turn for the better

Just watch your step
And don’t regret
The change in the weather

Sarah E. Sturgis 2020

This poem is about facing change and making the best of what we have. We all have gifts particular to ourselves, just as we all have flaws, flaws that make up who we are. Learn to love yourself just the way you are. Take those gifts (and flaws) and make something with it. Share yourself with the world, flaws and all! And don’t forget, you are loved.

Here’s another poem to read:

A poem

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Time- It heals the wounds that leave us broken,

Time- A fallen leaf in shades of red;
What a lovely dead thing.

Time- A gift of life, we take a step and
Soon we shed our skin.

Time- Infinite vastness, infinite now,
Take time to breathe it in.

Sarah E. Sturgis 2020

What does time mean to you? When you think of time, what comes to mind? Some of us fear time. Some of us celebrate it (birthdays, etc.). Time is infinite and, therefore, a little scary, but it is also forgiving at times. We must have faith in ourselves that we have the strength to live our lives the best we can. For most of us, we will live 70–80 years. …


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Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Cooling days and sunny rays
Present a lovely Autumn —
Sit and watch the seasons change.

Sarah E. Sturgis 2020

Thanks for reading my little poem! Happy Autumn! Here’s another for you to read!

A poem

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Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

A precious life held in my hands
Gentle, little baby
A fur of gold and brown ascend
His body sleeps and dreams
He snores and purrs, unconscious boy
So cute, his whiskers twitch
I watch him dream and hope and pray
His life will be rich

Daily prayers I give up scared
I’ll lose him to some disaster
But each day he learns new games
And gets a little faster
Little one, my fur-baby son
Stay close, don’t wander far
My love extends, with this I send
Protection from my heart

Sarah E. Sturgis 2020

This poem is dedicated to my cat, Tyrion. He’s my fur-baby son and I love him dearly! My life is rich, full of fun and silly times with this sweetheart. If you have a fur-baby of your own, share with me a story about your life with him/her. Maybe you want to brag about your fur-baby or have a funny story. I’d love to hear your stories! …

A poem

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Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

One single moment in time
A you new to creation
Dreaming is no crime
So leave the train station
And all you know behind
A mindful, thought vacation
Take this as a sign
To try out new sensations

Open up your mind
To new, fantastic ideas
Here, there, you will find
Your feet are firm for reasons
Soon, though you will fly
Don’t forget the season
As you lift and glide
On angel wings to freedom

Sarah E. Sturgis 2020

Lately, I have felt the weight of the world dragging me down. I have gotten used to the isolating for Covid, which kind of concerns me. It’s easy these days with all the negative out there to lose perspective on life. We turn into little, isolating, emotional bombs, ready to erupt at any minute. We need interaction. We need each other. But it’s hard in the midst of this health crisis to be able to find ways to spend time together. We all need physical interaction; a simple hug can go a long way. …

A poem

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Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Memories of you
Make my soul take flight
Soaring through the waves of clouds like eagles we bear sight

Memories that play
With the heart and mind
Sometimes smudges get replaced with memories we find

Memories of smiles
And memories of pain
Both important to remember as you choose your name

Memories are keepsakes
Keep them close at heart
Never regret a memory, the ending’s just the start

Sarah E. Sturgis 2020

I feel very sentimental recently. I think it’s mostly because my grandmother recently died. Now I feel like writing out my feelings about the process of grief. So let’s see what else I come up with! Thanks for reading! ;)

Dedicated to my Nana

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Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

I won’t be at your graveside
I grieve here on my own
Wrestling thoughts that sadden
My soul while I’m alone

I will not hear your voice ring
One last lovely time
Instead I use my imagination
To help me feel you’re mine

You slipped away quietly
One breath and then your last
No suffering, no pain
No fear now you have passed

As you reach your eternal home
You leave us with a prayer
That no matter where we are
You always will be there

Sarah E. Sturgis 2020

This poem was written for and dedicated to my Nana who passed away this early morning. She was a bright soul, a proud mother and wife, and a loving grandmother. She was quiet and petite, but when she spoke it was with reverence, respect, and with a strong will. You could say she knew what she wanted and went for it, not afraid to live the life she wanted. A warm soul, she showed her affection through little gifts and cards. Nana and I often wrote to each other, becoming pen pals in a way. Those notes and cards mean so much now. I will cherish each and every memory, dear Nana. …

A poem

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Fall is falling all around me
I can see the changing colors
What was green now is gold
Autumn bought, autumn sold

Pumpkins, apples, and mums come out
New blossoms in new hues
Of amber, gold, and crimson
Of leaves that shine and glisten

A weary sun shines less upon
A world of changing colors
Flowers, shrubs, and trees will wilt
Slow decay of autumn’s quilt

Cooler air sweeps in from north
Ride the waves of autumn breeze
Watch the leaves fall delicately
Let in all that you can see

Sarah E. Sturgis 2020

It was this time last year that I first started getting into Medium. The last year has flown by, despite some predicaments along the way. I enjoy this time of year when everything is changing. The cooler weather brings me out more. And of course, there’s always inspiration in change. …

An american haiku

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Photo by Kamil Mehmood on Unsplash

Thankful pardons set you free
Break these chains of neglect
Let your soul give way to flight

Sarah E. Sturgis 2020

Thanks for reading my American Haiku! This one is all about breaking the barriers that we form over the years, setting us free to find new opportunities and new challenges.

If you enjoyed this haiku, try another, this one from Priyanka Srivastava called “The Nice Poem”.

A poem

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Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Warning: This poem is written about an assault I experienced 8 years ago. Today is the anniversary of that day, though the word anniversary doesn’t quite sound right. There is material in this poem not suitable for children. If you do choose to read it, I hope you do so with an open mind. This piece means a lot to me.

Push me, pull me
Take away my dignity
Strip away my shield
With your grip you make me yield

Trickster, liar
Eyes that linger in my mind
Like a snake they respect not
I try and try, I fought and…


Sarah E Sturgis

I’m a writer who wants to get her content out there to share with people. Writing is my emotional outlet! ❤️POMPoet❤️, 2-time Top Writer in Poetry

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