The Sexy New Roof Everyone’s Talking About

Tesla Solar Roof

Happy November, and Hot Damn. 2016 is on track to being another record-smashing hot year and all our hair should be on fire. NASA says so, NOAA says so, Tom Brady’s wife is all over it, and I am sure he agrees.

We don’t need more evidence. There is only so much of this trend the Earth can stand. Look, if your body temperature went up in one-degree increments over time, from 98.6°F when you were born, in 1987, how would your viscous membranes and fluids respond? At that rate your temperature would be about 128.6°F now! And safe to say we would not be having this conversation.

Let’s move quickly to solutions. Elon Musk shows the way. How about a stunning tiled solar roof — gorgeous, efficient, and seamlessly integrated with a sleek battery storage system. Throw in a couple of elegant, high-performing electric cars, and we are there. Channeling Willy Wonka, on Friday evening Musk gathered reporters in a pop-up neighborhood at Universal studios to present what I’m calling the Tesla trifecta. Please have a look:

What can you do? Next Tuesday, you can vote for people who get it. You can watch major new documentaries like @YearsofLiving Dangerously and Leo DiCaprio/Peter Fisher’s Before the Flood, both of which were released on Sunday. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you can develop a personal cabal of thought-leaders. You know how to do this: start a list of people you like and respect to read and follow and share. I have my favorites and you will too. Maybe it’s Leo, maybe it’s the Pope, maybe it’s Andy Revkin, Musk’s Tesla, or Stella McCartney — or the Stockholm Resilience Institute or the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Take your pick.

We’ve all got a different sensory trigger to plug into this issue. For some it’s a disappearing species, like Bufo periglenes aka golden toad. If that’s you, dig into Audubon and the Nature Conservancy. For others it’s children’s health… near here, far away, so much you can’t picture it: a new report estimates that 300 million children in the world breathe highly toxic air into their developing lungs, from the Bronx to South Asia. Follow Moms Clean Air Force if this is your sweet spot.

A ton of people in finance are taking big, bold, Muskian steps into the burgeoning new markets of renewable energy, i.e. innovative, clean technology that’s escalating in efficiency and plummeting on price; electric energy that does not use the coal, oil, and/or gas in the ground; elegantly integrated grid and storage solutions. Try #CleanTrillion, Ceres’ Investor Network on Climate Risk, Risky Business, @WeMeanBusiness, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Elizabeth Kolbert, @MikeBloomberg’s @C40 and SASB, which holds its annual conference in NYC on December 1st. Get yourself to the New York Times Dealbook conference a few days later. Check out the Rockefeller family’s new investment program. Ditto the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, headed by Bill Gates, the Zuckerbergs, Jeff Bezos, Meg Whitman, and Reid Hoffman.

They’ve all thought it through, and they’re all in the game. Join the winners!

Please let me know if you’re stumped on how to get up to speed; I am confident you’ll find a way to get involved.

National Geographic: Photo of Golden Toad, aka Bufo periglenes

Originally published at on October 31, 2016.