RANT: A lot of people ask me how i’m happy all the time… as if i shouldn’t be happy- all the time! Let’s face it, even I can’t be happy 24/7 it sure is something i strive for! It’s one of the only things in this universe i believe every human should be entitled to✨See, I love my username because everyone needs their daily dose of serotonin and my names right in there!! Rhymes with my last name too! A lot of people tend to use drugs to find that escape or force the dopamine/serotonin into their brain because they just can’t find it sober. I used to abuse pot a lot! Not that i “couldn’t have fun without it,” i just didn’t see the harm with it. But on this family trip in Florida I had no option but to sober up for two weeks and boy let me tell you, I’m feeling so ALIVE!

Although this is a trip we make every summer, i was able to experience this one in a whole new manner. I was finally able to connect and bond with my older cousins and learn from their experiences throughout their lives. They gave me advice for my future as I approach my time at UC Santa Cruz😇 and I was able to spark and inspire my 6&8 year old cousins to never stop dreaming or believing as well! I got into the habit of jumping into the pool EVERYDAY with my little cousins, i got into a healthy diet, my sleepy schedule was terrible because i preferred staying up late to actually READ!! (something i never wanted to bother doing before😲!) I stumbled upon a lecturer, philosopher, teacher, (the list goes on)… whose name is Manly P. Hall. I was shocked because every single thing he said was like an educated version of the things i’ve been thinking my entire life. I ended up soaking in his lectures for 6 hours that day. One of the many things that resonated with me was the question: how do you want to be remembered when you die? Did you fulfill those dreams and goals you had as a child? Were you even happy? Or did you work from 9–5 for nothing. That’s not what I strive for. I’d be satisfied with almost any job in the world as long as i can make myself happy doing it. It breaks my heart to see so much negativity online. People just going out of their way to bring others down. It honestly just makes the bully look .. like a sad bully :/. We’ve already seen the movies and learned the lessons. You’re the one who needs help. So if you’re the genuinely kind person who is getting picked on or bullied- don’t let it get to you! Just keep shining and doing your own thannng❣️ Karma, whether it’s good or bad, will work it’s way back to you and that other person. If you can’t be happy for other people’s success/ happiness, think about who must’ve hurt you in the past. I know it’s not really my place to tell you what to do but try to hear me out: forgive them or let it go. I have a strong feeling their physical being isn’t in your life anymore (if they are PLEASE get help) but what’s left of them is still haunting you. You’re not gonna be able to enjoy the. things that could potentially make you giggle over nothing if you carry the resentment all your life. Your time on this earth would be wasted. “Don’t spend time, invest it.”⏳”It’s how you spend your leisure time that tells you what type of person you are.” If you don’t like the way someone is living their life, simply live your own! I’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices of my own in order to do what I’ve felt was right in my life and maybe they felt like regrets in the moment but to this day I feel as free as a bird. Follow your gut and let God do the rest. You’re here for a reason. I don’t think a single person knows what the reason is, but don’t waste your life NOT trying to find out. EXPLORE! DISCOVER! LEARN! Be WEIRD! Spread joy, not pain. Make others laugh, not cry. Smile at strangers and engage! Embarras yourself! No one can MAKE YOU feel anything, only you have that power; don’t give it away. Have a sense of humor. And for God’s sake, have a sense of HUMOR😋 (the purpose of this rant is to inspire you to live your life to its fullest potential, you can take my words with a grain of salt!! trust me! i’m aware that there’s probably only 5 people that read this entire thing out of 1500 people who follow me. I wrote this people im on my 6 hour flight back home and I love each of you! well each of you that i know personally. If you found this post offensive..? too ironic to be taken seriously, aggressive, annoying- SO BE IT. I care enough to share, but not enough to cry over hate comments. So if you liked what I had to say, please let me know, if you DIDN’t, keep it to yourself… (I consider most of you friends, not followers ❤️) Hope you guys read my books one day💖 “It’s [your] life, don’t you forget!”