Not Why, But Why Not

I’m not sure I can speak on behalf of those who know me well, but I never imagined that I, Sarah Galang, would ever publish my writing online. For one, I’m a pretty lousy writer — well, scratch that. I’m a decent writer, maybe even mediocre, but I often struggle and spend most of my time meandering my way along several tangents instead of focusing on the point I’m actually trying to make. I’ve only ever written a blog twice. One was for a class assignment that never failed to leave me unenthused; I cringe at the mere thought of unearthing my Rhetoric and Civic Life passion blog. The other was a travel blog that I don’t necessarily regret, but it’s rare that I’ll be able to write an interesting reflection of my average life. So when I had the internal deliberation on the reasons I wanted to start my own personal blog out of free will, I sat down and wrote this introduction piece with less thought on why, and more of why not?

The question mark is for emphasis because I am literally shrugging my shoulders as I’m writing this. I’m not sure as to what I intend on achieving with this blog, and I don’t have any timeline for how often I would post to it. What I do know is that I’ve been thinking about it for a long, long time. Just thinking. I have around 20 different “posts” hoarded on my Google Drive, and I’m not sure which ones I want to make public and which ones I want to keep to myself. I kind of just want to do whatever I want to do. Things might not make sense to most people and my grammar might be all over the place. So please excuse me in advance, and don’t hesitate to engage with me or correct me if anything really bothers you.

I’ve found that many of my favorite experiences in life happened by accident, as if I just stumbled into the situation. I’m pretty clumsy, so this isn’t really any surprise. Nothing ever really goes to plan exactly as I would like; I have dreams and a rough blueprint of how I would like to achieve those dreams, but curveballs consistently catch me off balance. And I freak out every time because I don’t feel right, but it’s those times of instability that I learn the most about myself and about the world around me. I eventually regain my footing but as a different person with a new experience that shapes how I’ll venture into the path ahead of me.

SO, I don’t know what this blog will do for me, but I don’t know what tomorrow will bring for me either. I may wake up in the morning and regret everything. But if I’ve learned anything about myself in my twenty years, I often don’t regret leaps of faith because I was willing to take the risk and had complete control of my steps. So why not? Here goes nothing.

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