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Veteran CIA Analyst Quits Agency Over Trump’s Intel Moves, Criticism

CIA agent, Edward Price, resigned from his job after deciding he could not stand to work under Trump’s authority. Price did not want to leave the agency, but knew he could not work for Trump. Agent also states that he knows he is not the only one who feels this way about the president.


‘We Won’: In Trump’s Backyard, a Lone Supporter Takes on an Army of Protesters

Dion Cini, a Trump supporter, showed up at a “not my president” rally on President’s Day. As anti-Trump supporters passed him they insulted him and even punched him. Despite the hate, Cini stood up for what he believed in, stating that he’s more a fan of what Trump stands for than who he is.

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Trump pledges to unite ‘divided country’ after African-American history museum visit

President Trump promised to bring the country back together and freedom for all Americans. Trump wants to fight against violence and hatred. He also wants to reach out to the African-American community and help them feel more equal.

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