The first four episodes of the revived 90s drama are rife with issues of representation, violence toward women, and a distinct lack of what we loved about the original series.

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Photos by Suzanne Tenner © 2017 — Showtime

Like many fans of the 90s cult TV show, I had been counting down the days until Twin Peaks: The Return appeared on streaming services. David Lynch and Mark Frost’s original series wasn’t perfect, but its unique blend of mind-bending mystery, surreal soapy drama and dark comedy was spellbinding.

I was confident I would like the new episodes, and indeed there were numerous aspects I found rewarding. Most obviously was the immersive effect of its stream-of-consciousness storytelling. After a while the hallucinatory dreamscapes force you to stop trying to decode the plot and simply let it all wash over you…

Watching Captain Fantastic left me dreaming of a different kind of lifestyle

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Photo: Erik Simkins / Bleecker Street

There is a place where people live without cell phones and hand sanitiser. They buy only what they need and hunt, forage for and build the rest with their bare hands.

Hands that bare cuts and bruises, from scaling rock walls and scouring wood sculptures. Hands with dirt under their fingernails from bushwalking and building. Hands that grip knives and books and makeshift drums.

This place has no endless scroll, no 9% battery anxiety. No needless 30-inch plasma TVs taking up space in areas that are supposed to be for living, anyway. No long, empty hallways, extra bathrooms and double…

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How six female singers and a British alt-pop hero pushed back against misogyny through music

By Sarah Gooding

Ian Parton’s music production process has always been largely solitary.
As the mastermind of The Go! Team, a rambunctious pop project that marries meticulously spliced samples with vigorous live instrumentation and vocals, he conducts symphonies of avalanching sound.

Whether listening to one of the thousands of songs he hears each week, watching a documentary or taking in the radio, Parton’s constantly siphoning samples and stashing them in his colossal music bank. This formed the basis of The Go! …

Nowadays we’re less likely to
‘phone a friend’ than ‘Ask Google’.

I’ve been thinking about a tendency I’ve developed to type things into Google instead of ask someone. Technology makes it easy to avoid talking altogether. I don’t even have to type a full word before Google autofills the rest of my query. With my phone at my side, always listening, answers are only ever a few taps on a screen away.

Recently I contemplated buying a bass guitar pedal. I’ve played bass on and off for 15 years and am relatively familiar with the accessories. I’m lucky to call…

When you work nine to five, the daily commute quickly becomes another mundane routine. For me it had become more of an extension of the sleep I’d pulled myself out of than a stimulating walk. So I decided to start making better use of my time. Instead of staring sleepily into space and getting lost in my own thoughts, I started listening to podcasts. And they have proved to be more than just an effective distraction.

Since starting my near-daily listenings to By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin and Here’s The Thing with Alec…

It’s hard enough to read online, let alone write online. So how do you cultivate creativity when you’re facing a flood of information?

It’s never been easier to be productive, but it’s also never been harder. With technology and a flood of information at my fingertips every time I turn on an Internet-connected device, my resolve crumbles. I reflexively click on headlines and tab upon tab opens with tantalising news. This is why Woody Allen never bought a computer (sticking instead with his trusty typewriter) and still churns out a feature-length film every year.

But not all of us are fortunate to have assistants to digitise our scripts. Given the patience and time required, I’m sure we could all…

Sarah Gooding

Freelance Writer, Copywriter and Copy Editor from NZ, based in NYC | |

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