Crystals, Moon Phases, and the Missouri River

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‘River Offering’ combines all three of the above.

It is inspired by my home near the Missouri River and the magical healing powers of Amethysts.

Although this image depicts the rich floodplain along the river, complete with rural outbuildings and planted fields, it is symbolic of all land and water that supports life.

The moon dances through each of her lovely phases, and shimmers on the river’s surface. She reminds us of beginnings and endings, and the completeness of the cycle of life.

To me, hands are symbols of creation, love, expression, and openness. This hand is encircled in a cuff studded in All-Seeing-Eyes, an ancient and powerful protective symbol.

‘Amethyst Offering’ is not only meant as a prayer of protection over our homes and resources, but as an offering of thanksgiving for the wonderful gifts and cycles Mother Nature provides for us.

It is the energy of care-taking and gratitude that inspired me to create ‘River Offering’ and I’m thankful to be able to share it with you.

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