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“ According to her doctor, Hillary Clinton is in excellent health. But the internet doesn’t believe it.”

Neither do many physicians, including Dr. Drew Pinsky, citing various observations of various symptoms that Hillary has displayed of severe telltale conditions, going on record testifying that Hillary is in dire straits, as well as impugning her doctors of being like those of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or JFK in hiding her illness, and secretly propping her up with drugs and other deceptive measures to keep her sharp until elected.

Hillary’s fans and media-shills will naturally do the “Three Monkeys” act regarding these, and accuse all whistleblowers of being “conspiracy-theorists,” but we’ve heard that before from Hillary and her minions — just before the truth came out, along with damage-control.

It’s interesting to speculate on the limits of their capacity to deny rational evidence.

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