Create a feedback loop that makes it look like you actually knew what you were doing from the start

A few weeks ago I wrote about seven rules for creatives from a friendly robot, these were the guidelines CG artist, designer, and creative François Leroy adheres to during his creative process.

One of these rules revolves around creating an effective feedback loop.

I previously write about focusing on volume

If not, you are the lucky one.

“I have many problems,” the wailing willow told me.

I nodded my head in reply. My eyes took on a glazed look as my response had become almost automatic. I was well used to the wailing willows.

This familiarity created a breathing ground for contempt rather than sympathy.

The sides…

Maybe you need to tell yourself a different story

Ugggghhhhh I feel so old

said the Kind Peacock woefully to his nephew, Coco.

His nephew sighed quietly to himself. This was a daily refrain from his uncle. One that he was used to and now tired of hearing.

He looked intently at his uncle. The corners of his mouth…

Even though most of us fail to make good use of this invaluable part of our lives

François Leroy aka the Friendly Robot lists the ability to rest as one of his seven rules of creativity in his Collective Podcast interview with Ash Thorpe.

He is not alone.

In her book Thrive, Adriann Huffington quotes Dr. …

If not, perhaps you have heard of them

Have you ever met the Burpees?

Chances are that you have heard them even if you have never seen them.

You know when you pour a carbonated drink and hear that delectable fizzing sound.

Have you ever wondered what really makes that noise?

Well if you look very closely you…

Week 01: Where to begin and how to organize my thoughts and training

Even as I type those words — 100 miles it sends a certain chill through me that remains uneasily at my very core.

Am I afraid? Yes.

But, I have found that fear is a familiar friend when I face big self-inflicted challenges. Like that time I decided to cycle…

Beginners guide to knowing what elements need to stay, which need to go and create a workflow that allows you to retain your sanity.

Sound design can be a little bit intimidating, especially when you are not technically a sound designer.

But having at least a fundamental knowledge of how to create sound can allow you to experiment with learning how it can amplify your animation.

Previously I wrote about three steps to get…

How focused learning and a solid plan can help you achieve your creative goals

In an interview with Ash Thorpe on the Collective Podcast, François Leroy aka the Friendly Robot lists this as one of his seven rules for creativity.

Rules which I discuss in greater depth here.

The friendly robot stresses

When you learn something you have to be focused on it, and…

I took it as a signal from the universe that I was ready but maybe I was wrong.

Why would anyone want to run 100 miles?

I can’t speak for others who have achieved this great feat, but I can tell you about my why.

It scares me and is the opportunity to run and explore part of the world that I have always wanted to.

What makes…

Neuroticism is sometimes inevitable when it comes to the heartbroken.

Nautical the Neurotic, was not always neurotic. In fact, he used to be quite a well functioning sea creature.

He was amiable and generally got on with everyone he met.

He had reached that point in his life where he was happily living on his own, comfortable in his own…

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A multidisciplinary designer, storyteller, and adventuress with a penchant for exploring blank spots on the map.

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