What does success look like to you?

Success. What image does the word conjure in your mind?

Flash car, lavish house, expensive clothes, status, a high paying job…. something along these lines?

For a long time I viewed success as attaining wealth and status.

However, the path to gaining wealth and status can be a little murky. A thick dark quicksand that engulfs you and makes it difficult to become unstuck.

Sometimes where you thought you wanted to be, is not actually what you wanted at all.

It is empty, desolate and soulless. Uninhabitable terrain.

You are surrounded by conversation that does not pique your interest and people who are consumed with attaining more commodities which will not make them any happier.

It is at this point in my life that I began redefining what success meant for me.

I never had any interest in flash cars or felt the need to attain one to show other people. I am much happier to walk or bike most places.

A job that induces a lot of stress, involves long hours and tasks which I don’t care about didn’t seem worth it. I could not justify spending my time doing this in exchange for money.

You are encouraged to aim for these things in life. For some people they seem a perfect fit or they have resigned themselves to this existence.

For me it was just existing. I did not just want to exist.

It was at this point that I began to redefine what success meant to me.

Successful to me, means being able to spend the majority of my time doing things I enjoy and being able to choose how I spend my time.

Time is our most valuable commodity.

I do not want to spend my best years holed up in a dark cubicle working on projects that I do not enjoy nor am proud of, until the spark has died in my eyes and I merely exist.

It is easy to spot someone who has ceased to live. You can see it in their eyes.

My time is precious and I need to remind myself of this each and everyday.

Money can be made back once depleted.

Time once spent, cannot be renewed.

My time is running out. This scares me and propels me to take risks, go on adventures and carve out the life I truly want.

I think everyone is afraid.

Fear is malleable. Make your fear work for you.