Create a feedback loop that makes it look like you actually knew what you were doing from the start

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Establish a feedback loop to move forward creatively (Illustrated by Sarah Healy)

A few weeks ago I wrote about seven rules for creatives from a friendly robot, these were the guidelines CG artist, designer, and creative François Leroy adheres to during his creative process.

One of these rules revolves around creating an effective feedback loop.

I previously write about focusing on volume. Creating a lot of stuff allows you to practice your skills but there is another part of the puzzle if you want to improve as a creative — this is where a feedback loop comes in.

If we create without reflection or feedback, we can be creating yet not improving.

So how do we build a feedback loop into our creative process? …

If not, you are the lucky one.

Illustration by Sarah Healy

“I have many problems,” the wailing willow told me.

I nodded my head in reply. My eyes took on a glazed look as my response had become almost automatic. I was well used to the wailing willows.

This familiarity created a breathing ground for contempt rather than sympathy.

The sides of her mouth sank to the low south as if two imaginary fingers were pulling harshly at the corners and refusing to give.

It was a permanent frown, one she wore daily so the lines were deeply etched in her face.

Now don’t get me wrong. If someone has a problem I am usually quite sympathetic. …

Maybe you need to tell yourself a different story

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Illustration by Sarah Healy

Ugggghhhhh I feel so old

said the Kind Peacock woefully to his nephew, Coco.

His nephew sighed quietly to himself. This was a daily refrain from his uncle. One that he was used to and now tired of hearing.

He looked intently at his uncle. The corners of his mouth drooped downward to create a permanent form which he carried heavily. In fact, his entire frame drooped in a weary manner. As if the earth has begun to slowly pull him under, and he was powerless to stop it.

The funny thing was that his uncle was not that old.

At 60 he still had many years left to do all the things he claimed he wanted…


Sarah Healy

A multidisciplinary designer, storyteller, and adventuress with a penchant for endurance feats and exploring blank spots on the map. sarahhealy.net/

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