Create a feedback loop that makes it look like you actually knew what you were doing from the start

Establish a feedback loop to move forward creatively (Illustrated by Sarah Healy)

If not, you are the lucky one.

Illustration by Sarah Healy

“I have many problems,” the wailing willow told me.

Maybe you need to tell yourself a different story

Illustration by Sarah Healy

Ugggghhhhh I feel so old

Even though most of us fail to make good use of this invaluable part of our lives

What sleep can do for your brain is pretty amazing (Illustration by Sarah Healy)

If not, perhaps you have heard of them

Illustration by Sarah Healy

Week 01: Where to begin and how to organize my thoughts and training

Feels like I am on the road to nowhere (Photo taken by Sarah Healy)

Beginners guide to knowing what elements need to stay, which need to go and create a workflow that allows you to retain your sanity.

Abstract Sound Layout (Illustrated by Sarah Healy)

How focused learning and a solid plan can help you achieve your creative goals

How to level up as a creative (illustrated by Sarah Healy)

When you learn something you have to be focused on it, and…

I took it as a signal from the universe that I was ready but maybe I was wrong.

That is me running my first desert marathon which I funnily enough won!

Neuroticism is sometimes inevitable when it comes to the heartbroken.

Illustration by Sarah Healy

Sarah Healy

A multidisciplinary designer, storyteller, and adventuress with a penchant for exploring blank spots on the map.

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